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A-B Sued For Flim-Flam

A proposed class-action lawsuit alleges that
Anheuser-Busch InBev is deceiving consumers by
positioning its Veza Sur brewery in Miami as a craft
brewery.  The case has huge implications..
Consumers Sue A-B
Changes In Fresh Hop Season

what does this year’s fresh hop season look like
for those who grow and process hops, those who
brew with them, and those who consume the
resulting beers? Can this year’s fresh hop
season be saved during a pandemic?
Pandemic Changes Hop Season
Sept. 2020
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How Breweries Get Ingredients

Brew Movers is the largest logistics operator for
breweries around the country.  They ship beer and
also supplies, raw ingredients, and anything else a
brewery needs that can be put on a pallet.
Meet The Go To Shipper For Breweries
How Breweries Can Surrive

Creating a strategy to survive the rest of 2020, with
reduced capacity, reduced guests, and reduced
revenue, will determine if a brewery surrives or
closes forever.  Here's what some are planning on
doing for the fall and winter.
Brewery Surrival Strategy
Dunkaroos Beer

Everyone's favorite '90s snack, Dunkaroos, made
a comeback earlier this year, and fans went wild. It
now is a beer. If you want a beer with cookies,
vanilla cream, and sprinkles this is for you.
Popuar Snack Now A Beer
Blueprint For Involvement

Creature Comforts brewery has made customer
involvement a core part of its corporate social
responsibility efforts. In engaging customers in
this way, it’s considered a national trailblazer..
Brewery becomes community trailblazer.
The Chemistry Of Sour Beer

Next time you pour back a sour beer, you might
like to know that tart and tangy goodness is the
result of an immensely complex set of microbial
interactions that chemists barely understand..
How Sour Beer Is Made
Brewers Pick Best Lagers

Just like with IPAs, there isn’t “one” lager. It’s a
varied and nuanced category — dark, light,
sessionable, hoppy, malty, fruity, earthy,
smoked. Top experts pick their favorite lagers.
Top Lagers According To Brewers
Edited by Jim Attacap
Research by Pete Tamburro
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