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Real Men Don't Drink Seltzer

The whole reason hard seltzer works is because of
what it lacks. It relegates the act of consumption to a
precursor, an unimportant means to the sole focus
end: your buzz. There is nothing to savor.
Seltzer Just Doesn't Cut It
Beer To Listen To

if you really love beer, you might enjoy  listening
to beer podcasts.  They can be a thought
provoking way to amplify the beer experience
itself. Here are six acclaimed podcasts to try.
Drink And Hear Beer
Feb. 2021
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Sports Stars Invest In Brewing

Athletic Brewing saw sales jump 500% last year,
from $2.5 million to $15 million in revenue. The
brand has a 61% market share of the nonalcoholic
craft segment.It recently unveiled a list of celebrity
investors including J.J. Watt,  and Justin Tuck
High Profile Brewery Investors
The Beer Industry in 2021

Confronted with shuttered taprooms and closed
bars, restaurants, and sports stadiums, breweries
made many devastating choices last year. Here's
what will happen in 2021.
Six New Trends in Beer
Five Best NA Beers

Nonalcoholic beer used to feel like an
afterthought, thrown at the bottom of beer lists
because, frankly they were not very good. Now the
quality of NA craft beers has skyrocketed.  Here
are five you should reach for every time.
Five Must Try NA Beers
Avoid Bacon Beer

We’ve never been big fans of Corn Dog and
Funnel Cake Beer.  We’d rather drink windshield
washer fluid than ever submit to Deer Antler
Beer. But when it comes to big bacon aromatics,
we were ready to blow our brains out.
Worse Than You Could Imagine
Must Have Farmhouse Ales

Farmhouse ales, aka saisons, were meant to slake
a worker’s thirst during the summer months and,
as such, many are low in ABV. There has been a
resurgence in this style which is often described as
funky, fruity, and spicy. Here are six of the best.
Six Best Farmhouse Ales for 2021
Record Pub Closings

The raging pandemic has led to prolonged
lockdowns and the permanent closures of nearly
10,000 hospitality venues in the United Kingdom.
And it doesn’t get much more sobering than that.
UK Pubs Closing AT Alarming Rate
Edited by Jim Attacap
Research by Pete Tamburro
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