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Wineries Copy Breweries

Breweries are well known for aging their beer in
whisky barrels now distilleries are playing a similar
game by effectively reversing the process, creating
special, often highly limited beer-barrel and ale-cask
finishes for their own spirits.
Wine In Beer Barrels
Best Beers of the Year

Did you have a great beer this year?  There a a
lot of them out there but we've picked the best of
the best.  To determine the best beers of 2020,
we leaned on the experts: brewers, beer bar
owners and beer journalists..
Top Beers of the Year
Jan. 2021
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Keys To Making Perfect Beer

Making beer is like playing golf: you could do it for
a lifetime and still have lots to learn but improve-
ment is elusive unless you know some basics.  
Here are some fundamentals for those of us
looking to brew our first batch.
8 Rules For Brewing
Tax Relief For Breweries

Permanent federal excise tax recalibration for small
brewers has been a top priority for the Brewers
Association now it has been done.  This will surely
help many small craft breweries remain open
Tax Break Done
Naming Beers

Naming beers is tricky. Breweries have to make
sure that there isn't already another beer t with
the same / similar name. Then there are other
considerations, like marketability.and the
common-sense test: Is the name offensive,
inappropriate or just plain stupid?
Selecting Beer Names
What's Next For IPA?

More juice, but with more bite—East Coast and
West Coast are synthesizing, again, right before
our eyes. How did we get here? And what’s next?
Here's the complete story of the PA’s battles and
The Accelerating Dialectic of IPA
Lagers and Craft Snobbery

There’s a rudimentary meme that outlines craft
beer drinkers’ development called “Evolution of a
Beer Snob.” The beer snob evolves from drinking
lager, to IPA, “big stouts,” sours, and then, finally,
back to lager.
Snobbery Chart

Best New Breweries

It was a hard year to open a new brewery but
many did and some were truly excellent.  Here's
a list of the best ten seen in 2020.
Ten Best New  Breweries
Edited by Jim Attacap
Research by Pete Tamburro
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