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Let's start with a recipe for Classic Cream Ale.  It combines ideas from
both the pre- and post-Prohibition eras—including corn in the grist, dry
hopping, and above-average strength.  Give it a try,

Batch size: 5 gallons (19 liters)
Brewhouse efficiency: 72%
OG: 1.058
FG: 1.011
IBUs: 35
ABV: 6.2%

8 lb (3.6 kg) pale six-row
3.4 lb (1.5 kg) flaked corn

0.5 oz (14 g) Cluster [6% AA] at 60 minutes
1 oz (28 g) Cluster [6% AA] at 30 minutes
1 oz (28 g) Hallertauer Mittelfrüh [4% AA] at 10 minutes
1.5 oz (43 g) Hallertauer Mittelfrüh [4% AA] at flame-out/whirlpool
1 oz (28 g) Hallertauer Mittelfrüh [4% AA] at dry hop


Mill the malt, then mix in the flaked corn. Mash at 149°F (65°C) for 1
hour, then raise the temperature to 168°F (69°C) and mash out. Lauter
and sparge to get about 6.8 gallons (26 liters) of wort—or more,
depending on your evaporation rate. Boil for 90 minutes, adding hops
according to the schedule, then whirlpool for 10 minutes. Chill the wort to
68°F (20°C), aerate well, and pitch the yeast. Ferment for 7–10 days at
68–70°F (20–21°C), then add dry hops for another 4–7 days. When
fermentation is complete, crash and lager for 1–2 weeks, then package
and carbonate to about 2.5 volumes.


ow something for our many readers who are extract brewers. This is
one extract recipe that really delivers flavor.  Let's get started  with my
America's Pale Ale


4.5 lb (2 kg) Pilsner liquid malt extract (LME)
1.5 lb (680 g) Malted oats
1 lb (454 g) Crystal 45L
12 oz (340 g) Flaked oats
12 oz (340 g) Flaked barley


2 oz (57 g) Ekuanot at whirlpool (15 minutes)
2 oz (57 g) Apollo at whirlpool (15 minutes)
3 oz (85 g) Ekuanot at dry hop (divided)
1.5 oz (43 g) Mosaic at dry hop (divided)
1.5 oz (43 g) Cascade at dry hop (divided)
1.5 oz (43 g Centennial at dry hop (divided)

Wyeast 1007 German Ale yeast


Bring 5.4 gallons (20.4 l) of water to about 162°F (72°C) and hold.
Steep the grains for 15 minutes, then remove the bag and allow to drain
into the wort. Add the LME while stirring and stir until completely
dissolved. Boil for 30 minutes, following the hops schedule.

After the boil, chill the wort to slightly below fermentation temperature,
about 73°F (23°C). Aerate the wort with pure oxygen or filtered air and
pitch the yeast.

Ferment at 74°F (23°C) until the completion of primary fermentation.
Combine dry hops and add half to the fermented wort. After two days,
add the remaining dry hops, and allow 72 hours of additional contact
time (five days, total). Crash the beer to 35°F (2°C) for 48 hours, and
bottle or keg the beer and carbonate to approximately 2.25 volumes.


New brewers don't forget to review my article

.Home Brewing Tips
the complete guide
Beginning Brewing Guide.


That's it for this month.  
Hope to see you next time!

Good Brewing and Cheers!

Arny Lands
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