Belgian Style Triple Made Easy
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Equipment- Sanitize before starting- Brewing Pot 4 gallon or
larger, Fermenting Carboy, Spoon, Funnel, Thermometer,
Airlock (and/or Blow-off tube: Growler set up), Grain Bag,

Ingredients: 7 lbs Pilsen Dried Malt Extract, 1.5 lbs Light Belgian
Candy Sugar, 8 oz Malto Dextrin, 4 oz crushed Aromatic Malt, 4oz
crushed Cara-Pils Malt, 1 oz Styrian Golding Hops (bittering), 1/2
oz Styrian Golding Hops (finishing-aroma), 5 oz priming sugar, W
yeast Liquid Trappist Ale Yeast

To Sanitize: Place spoon, funnel, thermometer, hydrometer,
airlock or blow off tube in pot. Follow instructions on your
sanitizer and fill pot with hot sanitizing solution. Remove
equipment. Put the funnel on your carboy and pour the sanitizer
in. Then make more solution in your pot so you can completely fill
your carboy. Empty the carboy and you are ready to brew.

Blow off Tube- You may want to use a blow off tube rather than a
simple airlock to prevent yeast foam over from making a big
mess. Get a few feet of plastic tube that will fit in your airlocks
cork-hole. Put some tape around it to make a seal. After pitching
the yeast you will want to put the cork on the carboy and run the
tube down to a sanitized growler or bucket half full of water.

Procedure:  Before starting follow the directions on the liquid
yeast. You will probably want to take it out of refrigeration 3
hours before starting to brew.

1) Crack open a beer (preferably a homebrew), and turn on your
favorite CD.

2) Add 2 gallons of water to your carboy, and about 3 1/2 gallons
of water to your brewpot.

3) Add your crushed grains to the grain sack.

4) Put your thermometer in your pot and bring the water to 155
degrees. Add the grain sack and put a lid on
the pot. Allow to steep for about 20 minutes stirring occasionally.

5) Remove the grain sack---Don't squish it out, you won't need
the absobed water and the grain may mess up the quality of your
brew, just throw it out !!

6) Now it's time to bring the water up to a boil. Take a few sips of
your beer while you wait!

7) Now that the water is boiling give it a good stir to get it
spinning around and add the Dried Pilsen Malt Extract, Malto
Dextrin, and Candy Sugar. Stir constantly so it can dissolve and
won't settle and burn on the bottom of the pot.

8) Now comes my favorite part. Make sure you have a good boil
and add the 1 oz bittering hops. From now on don't take your eye
off the pot because the hops often cause the whole thing to boil
over. If you think this is going to happen pull the pot off the
stove, turn down the heat a little, stir it up and put it back on
stove. Boil for 45 minutes and then add your finishing hops.
continue to boil for 15 more minutes.
9) Now cool your wort (the liquid in the brewpot) to aroud 70
degrees and pour it into your carboy. A sink full of ice water or
sanitized wort chiller will do the job quickly.

10) Follow the directions for your hydrometer and take an
original gravity reading. It should be around 1.075 to 1.08.  

11) Now pitch the yeast and place an airlock or blow-off set up to
the carboy. If you use a blow off tube you will want to replace it
with a sanitized airlock after rapid fermentation slows down.

12) After a week to 10 days take a final gravity reading using your
sanitized hydrometer. It should read at 1.013 to 1.018.  If the
reading is higher continue to ferment for a few days until you get
a reading in this range. I like to allow it to ferment for two weeks
before bottling to ensure it's all good. Patience is worth it but
don't go over three weeks you may get off flavors from the

Priming And Bottling :

1) Fill a bottling bucket with sanitizing solution. Place 55 or so
bottle caps in the solution. Place a racking cane and siphoning
tube in the solution to clean the outer surfaces of the tubing.
Then siphon some of the solution out of the bottling bucket to
clean the inside of the tubing. Run some more of the solution out
of the spigot to cleanse spigot and bottle filling wand. Remove
the caps from the bucket, and fill to the 5 gallon mark with

2) Use this sanitizer to fill your 50 or so bottles, drain and the
rinse if necessary (read sanitizer directions).

3) Dissolve 5 oz priming sugar in one pint of boiling water for 5
minutes. Pour into your bottling bucket. Siphon the liquid from
the fermenter into your bottling bucket. Fill and cap your bottles.
For best results store at room temperature for three weeks
before trying one. If it's ready you can refrigerate what you
want to drink, Belgian styles can be stored warm for a while as
long as the temperature doesn't vary too much.

It sounds like a lot of work, but really it's not too hard. And it pays
off with a good beer !!! There are a lot of good books available.

Whenever you brew, read the whole recipe at least twice before
you start to make sure you don't get surprised along the way by a
step in the procedure you are not ready for.

Good Luck and Happy Brewing!

Arny Lands

      PS- This is a basic recipe,if you want a hoppy triple use as
much hops of whatever hop you like. It's all up to you.