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First before I give the recipe I would like to recommend the
U-Brew that is part of Gaslight Brewery in South Orange NJ as a
great place to get supplies. If you go to the Gaslight Brewery
website ( you can access the U-Brew
catalogue on line. Decide what you need and call in your order
before going. They will have your order ready for you and you
can sample their excellent brews while
you visit. Sounds like a great plan to me.

Also if you want to try making a brown ale that has a barrel aged
whiskey flavor try this trick. Wine suppliers carry toasted wood
chips that are added to glass wine fermenters to add flavor. Get
two small bags of lightly to moderately toasted chips and a bottle
of your favorite whiskey ( in my case Tullamore Dew ).

Place the chips in a quart sized plastic container and fill it up
with whiskey to cover the chips. Allow these to soak for 4-7
weeks before you brew. When the primary fermentation slows,
drain the chips and add them (still wet) to the fermenter. You will
find that after aging the bottles for two months the flavors will
mellow out to a tasty treat.

As always, read my article on
Belgian Triple for advice on
sanitizing your equipment and bottling. Procedure on that will
become routine, and I don't want to keep repeating myself every

To make a nice Brown Ale follow this easy recipe. I like a lot of
hops in mine so adjust the recipe to suit your palate.

1) Activate your yeast ( English or London Ale liquid yeast)
according to directions.

2) Fill your carboy with 3 gallons water.

3) Put 8 oz. crushed Crystal Malt into a grain bag and add to 2 1/2
gallons water in your brewpot. Bring the water up to 170 degrees
and turn off the heat. Put a lid on it and let it sit 30 minutes
stirring occasionally.

4) Remove the grain bag and allow it to drain into the brewpot
but don't squeeze it out.

5) Bring the brewpot to a boil and stir in a 3.3 lb can of Plain
Amber Malt Extract.

6) Now stir in 3 lbs Plain Amber Dry Malt Extract and resume the

7) Ah.. now my favorite part.. Add 2 oz. Cascade, Willamette or
your hop of choice. Pay attention now to avoid boil-over. If it
looks like it will over boil, pull it off the stove, stir it up and it will
be ok to put back on the heat. Boil the hops for 45 min- 1 hour.

8) Now to add bittering hops. Add 1 oz Cascade, Willamette or
your hop of choice and boil for 15-20 minutes more. Avoid over

9) Cool your wort and add it to the fermenter.

10) Pitch your yeast as per instructions, and then attach a
blow-off tube.

11) If you whiskey soaked your chips, you will want to add them
when you replace the blow-off tube wit an airlock.

you are the brewer. Use this as a guide to get you
started and use whatever specialty grains and hops you wish.


PS- I would like to thank Arty Hannemann for taking me on the
Rails to The Ales to Pearl River NY. It was a lot of fun,so be sure
to read his article.

                 Good Luck and Happy Brewing!

                    Arny Lands

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