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I really like this time of year, for the great beer of course ! I love
to drink Holiday Ales and lagers from all over the world. The first
I remember trying was the Anchor Christmas ale, and I was
facinated by the complexity of flavors.

Anyway from Halloween until New Years Eve we get to enjoy an
abundance of Harvest/Autumn/Winter/Holiday/Christmas ales. I
look forward to Winter Wonderland at The Tap Room Somerset
Hills Hotel when every tap is a holiday ale for the whole month !!

Here is an easy Holiday Ale recipe I think you will enjoy...
Before proceeding take a quick read of my article on
Triple for info on sanitizing your equipment and on bottling. I
think it will be helpful procedure to follow every time you brew.

1) Start with 3 gallons of water in your fermenter and 2 1/2
gallons in your brewpot. Be sure to activate your yeast per
instructions. I would use a California ale yeast for this one.

2) Begin by placing 3/4 lb crushed Crystal malt in a grain bag. Add
this to the brewpot and bring the water up to 165 degrees
stirring occasionally.

3) Turn off the heat and put a lid on your brewpot. Allow to sit 1/2
hour stirring occasionally.

4) Remove the grain bag and allow to drain, but don't squeeze
them out or you may get undesirable grain in your wort.

5) Now bring the resulting liquid to a boil and stir in 3 1/2 lb light
malt extract and 3 1/2 lb wheat malt extract (canned) and 1 lb
honey. Stir well so it won't settle to the bottom and burn.

6) Time to add the hops...Add one oz. Cascade hops and two oz
East Kent Goldings.  Allow to boil for 45 minutes. Watch out for
hop-overboil !!

7) Now comes the interesting part. Add 1 cinnamon stick, 1
teaspoon nutmeg and three dried orange peels. At this time add
1 more oz cascde hops. Allow to boil 15-20 minutes.

8) Now cool the wort rapidly below 90 degrees and add to your
fermenting carboy. When the temperature is at 60-70 degrees
pitch your yeast.

9) Ferment 2-3 weeks then prime and bottle as usual (see my
article on
Belgian Triple for advice).

Happy Holidays, Good Brewing,  
and Cheers!

Arny Lands

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