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There's nothing like enjoying a refreshing beer in the summer.  Just to
get you on the right track here are two simple extract recipes that will do
just that.  Enjoy!

Kool Kolsch

•Two 3.3 lb. cans plain extra-light malt extract syrup
•0.5 lb. malted wheat
•1 lb. carapils malt
•11.4 AAU of Spalt hop pellets (2 oz. at 5.7% alpha acid)
•White Labs German Ale Kölsch yeast (WLP029)
•3/4 cup corn sugar or 1-1/4 cup light DME for priming

Steep grains in 1.5 gallons water at 155° F for 30 min.
Remove grains and bring to a boil.
Remove from heat, add malt extract and stir.
Return to boil, add 1 oz. Spalt hops, boil 15 min.
Add 1 oz. Spalt hops, boil 25 min.
Turn off heat and add to fermenter with enough water to make 5 gallons.

Aerate, pitch yeast when cooled to 74° F.
Ferment 5 days at 60° to 65° F, rack to secondary and condition at 50° F for 10 to 14
Prime and bottle, condition at 75° F for a week, then age two to three more at a
cooler temperature.

"AAA" - Arny's Apricot Ale

•3 lbs. Briess wheat dry malt
• 2.2 lbs. Morgan's wheat malt extract
•2 oz. Tettnanger loose hops (4.2% alpha acid), 1 oz. for 60 min., 1 oz. for 10 min.
•Munton's ale yeast
•4 oz. Apricot extract
•3/4 cup corn sugar for priming

Add malt extracts to 6 gals. water and bring to boil.
Add 1 oz. hops and boil 50 minutes.
Add 1 oz. hops and boil for 10 minutes more. Total boil is 60 minutes.
Cool. Pitch yeast and ferment at 65° to 70° F in glass.
After one week transfer to carboy. Add apricot extract.
Bottle after one to two weeks. Age six to eight weeks.

And now for what has turned out to be (according to my mail) the most popular
part of my column - answering your questions.  Here goes:

What is the best way to clean and sanitize a plastic fermenter?
Be careful when cleaning plastic.  Extremely stiff bristles while safe for glass
carboys can scratch plastic leaving areas when contamination can begin.  I
recommend using a sponge and a commercial sanitizer. No bleach please.

What is the best way to make a super bitter beer?
When brewing ales high in bitterness it helps to use high alpha hop varieties for the
first hop addition.  I usually recommend Nugget.  Hop age has a big effect on beer
bitterness since hops lose alpha acids with age.so I recommend using hops that
are less than a year old.

I"m and extract home brewer.  What's the difference between that and all grain?
The main difference is the omission of the mashing step.  In extract brewing the
extract is diluted with water to make wort and is then boiled..  Many extract brewers
augment their brews with specialty grains, a method called "steeping" which is like
using a tea bag.  This is not a mash however as the grains used do not require
enzymatic conversion of starch to be used..  

What the big deal about chilling wort quickly?
It's simple - if you cool your wort quickly you preserved more flavor and produce a
good cold break (the protein that comes out of solution when wort is cooled).  Also if
you are able to cool the wort quickly the chance of wort spoilage is decreased.

Top of the Month:
It is important to have consistent fill heights and to leave a minimum amount of
space of about 1/2 inch when bottling.  That will insure you have minimal air in
  head space.  Excessive head space can result in oxidation as well as under

                       That's it for this month.  Hope to see you next time!

             Good Brewing and Cheers!

               Arny Lands
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