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Well it's that time of year when taphandles are overtaken by
pumpkin ales. There is a sense of a challenge in making one, and
the question of how and when to add the pumpkin.

As a chef/brewer I have often made a seasonal pumpkin soup in
wich you take out the seeds and stringy stuff and then bake the
pumpkin in the oven to soften it up. After that you mix it with
water to make the base of the soup. This is what I decided to try
with my Big Pumpkin Ale.

Before we begin please refer to my
belgian triple recipe for info
on sanitizing equipment and later on priming, fermenting
and bottling.

Ingredients :   
2 cans pale malt extract
1 can amber malt extract
1# crushed crystal malt
1 8 to 10 lb pumpkin
3 oz cascade hops (boil)
      1 oz east kent golding hops (aroma)
High Gravity Ale Yeast

1 cinnamon stick
1/4 t nutmeg
1/8 t allspice
1/2 t ginger

1) Before brewing we need to remove the flesh of the pumkin
and throw away the seeds and stringystuff. Next we have to bake
the flesh in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes or until it soften
When the flesh softens you will need to mash it up like potatoes.

2) Place 2 and 3/4 gallons of water in the brewpot and stir in
the pumpkin. Bring to 150 degrees an hold for 1 hour. Stir
occasionally and when necessary add heat to stay close to 150.

3) Then add the crushed crystal to a grain bag and place in the
brewpot and bring the temp up to 160 and hold for thirty minutes.

4) Remove the grain bag and bring the pot up to boiling. Add the
canned malt extract stirring frequently. You will be adding more
canned malt than usual so be sure to use a big enough pot and
boil longer.

5) Now add your cascade hops: first ounce at boil then after 15
minutes add the second ounce and then after 15 minutes add the
third ounce and boil for 1 hour.

6) Add one half oz of your east kent golding hops, cinnamon
stick, nutmeg and half the ginger and boil for15 minutes.

7) Turn off the heat and add the rest of the hops and ginger. Stir
it up and let it sit 5 minutes. Then cool the wort, transfer to
carboy add pitch yeast as per instructions.

It may be a lot of work,but it's also a lot of fun - especially when
you drink this great beer!  I hope it works out for you.

Good Brewing and Cheers!

Arny Lands
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