Bar Tending & Beerspectives
by Matt Martinkovic
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The hottest new trend at big city bars is the beer cocktail   It's a really fun way to enjoy
something more than beer while still having beer!  But before you plunge into it I'd like to
give you a few key tips so you can make your own or order appropriately.

In making just about any beer cocktail, do not use more than 3 ounces of beer and in general
shake your cocktail.  Shaking provides greater texture and froth. When filling a jigger, tilt it so
the beer won't foam over. For more carbonation, top off cocktail with beer  serve the cocktail
in a Champagne flute, a chalice, or a pilsner glass.

Define the  beer's purpose when mixing your drink. Ask yourself (or the bartender) what is the
beer going to replace? Is it your base spirit? Is it a modifier? Are you going to transform the
beer, by reducing it, so it provides more sugar or caramelization?


There are more than 62 different styles of beer, so for best results consider these:
1.  For sweet notes consider stouts, porters; for bitterness, try pale ale and IPAs, and for
more spice, like coriander or clover, go for more wheat-forward beers.
2.  Experiment with flavor combinations: Wheat beers, saisons and hefeweizen mix well with
citrus; hoppy beers with bitter and aromatics; stouts and other dark beers work well with more
full-flavored ingredients, like rum and heavy spices; and lagers pair well with tequila.


Mix the listed beer style with one of the suggest liquors and you'll be in for a treat:

Lager: Genever, white rum, blanco tequila, Old Tom, cachaca, pisco, mezcal, Grand Marnier

Dark ales: Bourbon, dark rum, Vs cognac, St. Germain, mezcal, blanco tequila, white rum
      Farmhouse ale: Cognac, aged rum, tequila, gin, Tennessee whisky, Old Tom, cachaca,
pisco, Compari, orange liqueurs, cherry liqueurs

PAs: Pisco, amari, mezcal, blanco tequila, Old Tom, orange liqueurs, cherry liqueurs,

 Pilsner: Genever, gin, Old Tom, mezcal, Tennessee whisky, orange liqueurs,
cherry liqueurs, Compari

Sour Beers: Sweet vermouth, gin, blanco, tequila, elderflower

 Stouts: Rye whiskey, bourbon, aged rum, brandy, Grand Marnier, Old Tom, cherry
liqueurs, mezcal, amari
Witbier: Gin, blanco tequila, white run, Cognac, Old Tom, Genever, pisco, Tennessee
whisky, Compari, orange liqueurs.


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