Bar Tending & Beerspectives
by Matt Martinkovic
Brewsearch & Development -
Nik's Wunderbar - Whitehouse Station NJ
Here at  Nik's Wunderbar we try to serve the very best craft beer anywhere.  I love talking
about the beer and making as many converts to this great beverage as possible.  Sometimes
I do get carried away, but what's wrong with that?  In fact I take it as a personal mission to
sing the praises of great craft beer where ever I go.  And since I'm here right now let me tell
you why I'm such a fan and why Nik's Wunderbar has chosen to specialize in great brews.
Here then are a few reasons why.  Feel free to use them when you try to convert someone..

With craft beer you can drink something different whenever you come into Nik's Wunderbar or
reach into your refrigerator. There are a incredible number of styles and different takes on
styles that drinking them becomes a never ending journey of joy.  Craft beer drinkers get this;
in fact I don’t know of any true beer geek that drinks the same beer every time.  That's fun!

Craft beer's variety and myriad of flavors allow you to pair it with all sorts of food from a
pretzel or pizza to an elaborate dinner. You'll be amazed how the right beer will can enhance
your enjoyment of food.  Next time you visit here I'd be happy to make suggest some things..

Drinking craft beer can actually be less expensive than drinking macro lagers from the big
breweries. Today the price of a macro beer at many bars is fast approaching the price for
some quality craft offerings.  Since most people tend to drink more of those thin, watery
lagers than craft drinkers do of their favorites their overall drinking costs are higher.

Craft beer has health benefits.  Research has shown that even surpasses the good effects of
red wine!  Craft beer contains more nutrients than wine; it has more soluble fiber, B vitamins
(notably folate), a range of antioxidants, and it is a rich source of silicon.

Craft beer gives you  a wider range of alcohol levels than does wine or the products from
the mass brewers.  You can easily find a craft session beer that have around 4.5% of
alcohol and then move on to a tasty barleywine at 12% or more.  And of course there
are beers at every level in between.  

Craft beer drinkers actually get to meet the people who make the product.  Here at Nik's
Wunderbar we often have special events where the brewer or distributor or representative
comes in person to mingle and talk about his beer.  You won't see that happen with just
about any other beverage.  And that friendly spirit is typical of most all craft beer people.

But the best reason for anyone to drink craft beer is a simple one - it simply tastes great!  
There are amazing flavors waiting for the drinker of good beer.  There are far too many for
me to list here but let me say that those flavors cover an incredible range.   That's why
drinking beer here at Nik's or any other beer centric bar is an exciting taste adventure.

Craft brewers put their heart and soul into every beer they make and it shows.  And that's
what I try to do here at Nik's Wunderbar.  Next time you visit please say hello so we can talk
about my favorite subject for a few minutes.  It's beer of course!

Hope to see you soon at Nik's Wunderbar.



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Matt Martinkovic is not only a recognized beer authority but a well known ecological writer whose
work has appeared in the The American Midland Naturalist (University of Notre Dame) among other
industry publications.  He also has been an agricultural consultant on, of course, the growing of hops.
Singing the Praises of Craft Beert
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