Bar Tending & Beerspectives
by Matt Martinkovic
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I thought it would be a good time to tell you a few tidbits about some of the lesser know facts
about beer.  I hope you find them interesting.  Did you know that Grand Cru is not technically
a beerstyle? While the beers that fall under this label are most often a stronger,
well-balanced version of another lower ABV beer from the same brewery, they fall short of
being a well categorized style.  

A French term meaning "great growth," Grand Cru has been used and regulated by the
French since the 19th Century in reference to vineyards who consistently produced the best,
superior tasting wines as a result of their terroir.  Nowadays, the term has taken on new life in
other beverage industries like cognac and beer and has come to mean "our very finest."  

In beer, Grand Crus pop up around holidays or major celebrations for the respective brewery
and stand out as a great offering and the very best they can put out at that current time.


Did you know that the Nelson Sauvin hop got it's name due to the Sauvignon Blanc-like
aromatics that it puts off?Released in 2000 by the Horticulture and Food Research Institute
of New Zealand after extensive breeding, Nelson's sensory selection was geared towards
fruity and floral flavor characteristics.  The final cultivar yielding flavors of passion fruit,
gooseberry, and grapefruit along with hints of melon.  

The shoots of Nelson emerge fairly late in the season but grow vigorously into a
clavate-framed vine with a clubbed shape that makes them difficult to harvest.  With 13%
alpha acids, they are primarily used for aroma but are often blended with other varietals
due to their intensity of flavor.


Did you know that research is currently being conducted on hops and their relation to
treating cancer and diabetes? It has long been known that hops carry anti-inflammatory
agents but it is now being stated that humulones and lupulones isolated from hops may
lead towards potential medicinal purposes.  From killing leukemia and prostate related
tumor cells, to polycystic ovary syndrome and preventing the spread of cancer cells,
there is hope on the horizon.  

One company, KinDex, is in phase two of testing hop acids and their link to polycystic
ovary syndrome while researches in Belgium are researching hop compounds and
their link to battling inflammation of tumors and cancer cells.  


Hope you are having a great summer and enjoying a lot of refreshing beers.  
Please come back next month for more of my" beerspectives"!


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