At The
Meeting Notes -  Oct. 11, 2020
by Dan Hodge

Meeting started at 4:15pm   members present:
Livingston Hinckley, Vince Capano, John Reed,
Glenn DeLuca, Dan Hodge, Tim Terhune. DJ and
Dan came later due to staffing shortage downstairs.

Meeting was a presentation of pale ales, featuring 4
from the UK, 4 from the US and 4 from “others”

Beers were:
   Little Wolf IPA (US)
   Wells Bombadiere (UK)
   Einstock (Iceland)
   Bass (US)
   Cooper’s (Australia)
   Dos Equis (Mexico)
   Sam Smith’s (UK)
   Kostritzer (Germany)
   Robinson”s Trooper (UK)
   Portland Pale Ale (US)
   11. Fuller’s London Pride  (UK)
   902 Path Pale Ale (US)

Attendees were asked to rate them on

a scale of 1-10
Results were:
London Pride - 54 points
Path - 48
Bombardier - 45
   Sam Smith’s
Pale - 40
- 37
   Lone Pine Portland
- 35
- 33
   Zero Gravity Little Wolf
- 32
- 32
- 23
   Robinson’s Trooper
- 23
   Dos Equis
- 17

Final totals were:
   UK  162 points
   US 147 points
nternational 107 points.

Beers tried after the meeting were:
Magnify Verified Quad IPA
provided by Vince Capano
Industrial Arts Wheat Wine
provided by Livingston Hinckley
Jersey Cyclone Eye of the Storm
provided by Glenn De Luca
 Resurgence Homemade Haircut NE IPA
provided by Dan Hodge
4 City Eagle Rock Rocktoberfest
provided by Tim Terhune
   Livingston Hinckley's Bouble NE IPA homebrew
provided by Hinckley
  Lone Pine Diamond Unicorn DIPA
provided by Vince Capano
 NJ Beer Company Garden State Stout
provided by Tim Terhune
 Grimm Maximum Bliss
provided by Livingston Hinckley
 902 Brady’s Nightmare Imperial IPA
provided by Vince Capano
  Jughandle Mosaic American IPA
provided by Vince Capano
 Twin Elephants Rugged Snuggle
provided by Jeff Levine
Twin Elephants Crooked Adjacent IPA  
     provided by Jeff Levine


Revisit Robert Burns Night
If you miss the Gaslight's annual salute to Robbie
Burns the national poet of Scotland not to worry.  It
was filmed by noted cinematographer and club
member Livingston Hinckley.  Get ready for
bagpipes, haggis, and readings by Burns scholar
John Reid.  Watch it here .  

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Complete notes and beer list from
the Sept. meeting
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