Baker Street Brewery's founder and head brewer Art Hannemann takes you
on a journey to find the ales.  Catch the train for Arty's ride to the New Jersey
suburbs in search of, what else, great beer!

It's going to be a fun trip as Arty reviews and rates a new stop each month
as he takes the rails to the ales.....and beyond!
Take The Rails to The Ales to...

The Blind Tiger
281 Bleeker St. New York City

     Whether you take the train to Hoboken, or Penn Station NYC it's an easy walk to
the PATH train system. At the station you will want to board the PATH train and take
it to the Christopher St Station. Upon exiting the station walk up Christopher St
in the opposite direction of the one way car traffic.

Cross Hudson St and continue on until you reach Bleeker St.
Cross and turn right to walk down Bleeker three blocks to
#281 Bleeker St. aka The Blind Tiger.

       My friend Tom "the Daytrader" Festa accompanied me on this spontaneous
Rails to the Ales adventure.  Sometimes those are the most fun.  The bar was crowded so I
ordered our first round while Tom searched for seats. I ordered a Great Divide Yeti
for me and a Speakeasy Double Daddy for Tom.  Both were available on cask. Really.

        When I finally found Tom he was quick to point out that there were 26 women
and  26 men in the crowd. An even split, and 90% of the crowd were
craft beer aficionados like  us. It was easy to strike up a conversation with the
friendly beer loving crowd. We discussed the many Belgian styles of ale now being
made by American brewers, as well as the many traditional Belgian favorites,
with our new friends Tina, Kimberly and Patty.

Patty was the one wine drinker in the group so Tom quickly ordered her a
Lindemans Faro in the bottle. She was immediately impressed with the full
flavored fruitiness of this beer. Although she was not going t give up wine, she was
going to try the Lambic style ales whenever offered  Then she asked for
Tom's phone number. Way to go Tom !!

          With thirty craft beers on tap and at least two on cask Blind Tiger Alehouse
lives up  to it's reputation as a great beer destination.
Also available, a big specialty bottle selection, fine wine selection and great food.

Special thanks to
Greg "Paladin" Katz for recommending this bar.  It is truly a beer mecca!

    I would rate the Blind Tiger Alehouse at five engines for it's beer selection, knowledgeable
staff, crowd, and fun atmosphere.

....Remember to leave the car at home and Take the Rails to th Ales




Here's some good info on planning your own Railes To Ales trip. First step go to
web site. Then click on train schedules. Next click on "use our map to plan
your trip." Now select your train station on the map. And next select your destination on the
map. A new page appears and you want to select weekday, holiday or weekend accordingly. A
new page appears with your schedule of departing times and length of travel time. Print this up
and then go to the bottom of the schedule and it will say click here for return schedule--click
away. Now print this page up as well and you have all the info you need to plan your trip.
Remember to allow walking and drinking time.        

      Gotta catch my train back-- see you at my next stop!

Remember to leave the car at home and.
.....Take The Rails To The Ales !!!!

Arty Hannemann
Rails to Ales........and beyond ////////////////////////////////
by Arty Hannemann
Arty's  Ratings
Five engines= the very best
Four engines= excellent
Three engines=good
Two engines= fair
One engine= bad news
Zero engines=stay away

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