Baker Street Brewery's founder and head brewer Art Hannemann takes you
on a journey to find the ales.  Catch the train for Arty's ride to the New Jersey
suburbs in search of, what else, great beer!

It's going to be a fun trip as Arty reviews and rates a new stop each month
as he takes the rails to the ales.....and beyond!
            Take The Rails to The Ales
                Rattle'n'Hum / The Copper Mine Pub

                                            Rattle'n' Hum
                                      14 E. 33 St. New York, NY

First of all I want to thank everyone who showed up for the first ever open invitation rails to
the ales trip.  Eight column readers showed up at The Office Bar in Summit NJ for our trip.  
Having purchased our tickets earlier in the train station office, we were able to quaff down
some beer while we waited for our train. The Office, as usual, has a good beer line-up to keep
us happy- (for more info see my rails to the ales article on
Summit NJ).  Anyway, this was a
good central location being that our group was from the Gladstone branch or the
Morristown-Boonton line which both converge in Summit.
We departed at 1:49 pm and arrived at Penn Station, NYC, in less than an hour.  From there it
was an easy three and a half blocks or so to Rattle 'n' Hum.  The whole group gave a new
meaning to speed-walking, as a tall glass of our favorite beverage was within sight.
This was a special trip to one specific bar, but in the future I will return to scour the area
around Penn Station for a more full report on the bar scene within a few blocks.

Rattle'nHum is a really nice bar with a very extensive line-up of taps and three to four cask
ales. Their full capacity is forty taps, although when we were there only 34 were being used.
There is also a large bottle list available.
Stuck into the wall in the back of the restaraunt are two special taphandles. The first one is a
Coors Light taphandle and next to this is written words of advice to all  ........"Never Drink
This !!".  Next to that is another taphandle,Bud Light and a one word description......."Sucks !"

The brewery we were most interested in trying was Goose Island Brewery because
unfortunately it is not available in NJ.( I promise to change that when elected governor.) The
Goose Island IPA was a very good one. I also tried the Goose Island winter mild- pretty good
too.  I moved on to Six Point Otis Stout and then a Weyerbacher Hops Infusion off the cask. I
love cask ale! The Racer Five from Bear Republic was also on cask. I think this was the
overall favorite of our group.

The food here is excellent and there are options for vegetarian or carnivore. The IPA French
fries were delicious. Remember to ask for your bill a good fifteen minutes before you want to
leave and pay for your last beer in cash. Sometimes when a big crowd walks in it can take a
while to get your check. Luckily for us we practiced speed walking on our way to the bar,
because we had to high tail it on the way back to catch our train.

Two of our group, Dave and Jay, got delayed buying a bottle of Hebrew Rejewvenator for the
train ride back and so we left without them. Lucky for us they were successful and shared the

Once again I want to thank Vince (
Adventures in Beerland) Capano, Kevin "The Tap Room"
Torpey, Jack and Chris O'Brien, Robert, Dave and Jay for riding along with me on........
he Rails to The Ales .
For it's thirty-four taps, three cask ales, a huge bottle list, great food, a beautiful waitress and
a great bunch of friends it is very easy to give Rattle'n' Hum my highest rating of five engines!



Off The Tracks
Special Report

                                        The Coppermine Pub
                                    323 Ridge Road, North Arlington NJ
                                                  (201) 428 1223

It was Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and Kevin "The Tap Room" Torpey and I needed
to come up with a plan to get a ride to The Copper Mine Pub from a non-drinker. When my
sister said she needed to pick up some flowers at a florist we threw in the idea of going to the
Lyndhurst Diner for lunch, and then to this florist I know in North Arlington. Lunch would be
on us.  It really was a strange coincidence that the florist was right next to a pub. Who would of
thought that would happen ?  Even more, Kevin, who had the day off, volunteered to offer any
horticultural advice my sister might need.

The pub was The Copper Mine Pub, on my list of the top three beer bars in NJ! I love it when
a plan comes together.  
The Copper Mine is definitely one of the best bars for beer aficionados in New Jersey.
Boasting twenty taps, all were in working order as usual. They had just featured a Defiant
Brewery Night (see my article on
Pearl River NY), and so there were four still on tap much to
our delight. These were a Maibock, The Magnus Panso Barleywine, Muddy Creek Lager and
Pilsner. They're all good
Having just killed off a keg of Flying Dog Coffee Porter, Vito, the owner, tapped a fresh Yeti
from Great Divide. Deeeelicious.  From Weyerbacher he had the Juliet and Verboten. Both
are unique and tasty brews from Easton Pa.
My favorite of the day was the Pangea from Dogfish Head. This is brewed with ingredients
from all the continents or so the story goes. Whatever it's made from this is one very tasty
brew !

From Canada was the Unibroue Ephemere (Apple Brew) which is not my favorite but would be
good in the shade on a 90 degree day I guess.  From France, the Jenlain Ambree was pretty
tasty. Bear Republic Crazy Ivan IPA is as good as an IPA can get.
Also on tap are Otter Creek Pale, Smuttynose Imperial Stout, Erie Brewing Ol' Red, Troegs
Dreamweaver, Gritty Mcduffs Vacationland, Flying Fish Hopfish, Victory Bottoms-up Brown
ale and the German classic, Spaten.  Also, there are quite a few very interesting bottles
available here as well.

On June 8th Homebrewers have a meeting here, I'll have to tell
Arny Lands.  Also on June
17th Coppermine is featuring Allagash Brewery, sounds like a  great time, hope to see you
there !
For quality brew from people who pride themselves on quality and selection served right this is
definitely the place to be.  Be sure to put this on your list of pubs!

I easily give this place my highest rating, but since we didn't take the train I would rate The
Copper Mine Pub at
five barstools!


Here's some good info on planning your trip. First step go to web site. Then
click on train schedules. Next click on "use our map to plan your trip." Now select your train
station on the map. And next select your destination on the map. A new page appears and you
want to select weekday, holiday or weekend accordingly. A new page appears with your
schedule of departing times and length of travel time. Print this up and then go to the bottom of
the schedule and it will say click here for return schedule--click away. Now print this page up
as well and you have all the info you need to plan your trip. Remember to allow walking and
drinking time.        

        Gotta catch my train back-- see you at my next stop!

Remember to leave the car at home and.
.....Take The Rails To The Ales !!!!!!

           Arty Hannemann
Rails to Ales........and beyond ////////////////////////////////
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