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Lessons of life from the Beer Sage
Beer is good but beers are better.

Anyone can drink beer but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer.

Drinking a good IPA is guaranteed to make you hoppy.

Life and beer are very similar - chill for best results.

Beer is like duct tape - it fixes everything.

There is no strong beer only weak men and women.

Friday is the beginning of many a beer drinker's liver work week.

Chemists agree - beer really is a solution.

Save the earth, it's the only planet with beer.

Beer has food value but food has no beer value.

When you drink water be sure its been filtered
through a brewery first.

Every empty beer bottle is filled with a story.

One thing better than a bottle of beer is a growler of it.

If your friend asks if it's too early to drink beer
get a new friend.

If you  think beer doesnt make for a good breakfast
just float a corn flake in it.
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