The 60-foot-tall Pabst beer bottle, which had loomed 185 feet above
Newark for 75 years, serving as a guidepost for countless weary drivers
and a beacon for beer drinkers is now gone.

After a lengthy struggle, the rusted bottle — which was actually a 55,000-
gallon water tank — came down piece by piece over seven hours. For now
it is five enormous pieces of steel and copper plate three-eighths of an
inch thick, and its fate is far from settled since several alcoholic-beverage
companies have expressed interest along with a local nightclub and a
group supporting an area brewing museum.  

The bottle may be gone but Pabst Blue Ribbon beer lives on and is now
the fastest growing beer brand in the nation.  So open up a PBR and
enjoy the pictures I took as the legendary bottle came down.
Nick DeBenedetto
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Exclusive Picture Report
by Nick DeBenedetto
The Pabst Bottle Tumbles Down