Beer World Records
Jim Attacap

It's a rare day when doesn't receive more than a few e-mails asking  
about world records involving beer.  Hopefully this list will answer many them and a
few that weren't asked.  With thanks to the Guinness Book of World Records and our
own beer historian Dan Hodge, here we go.......

World’s Largest Beer Festival – Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany is visited by more
than 7 million people annually. In an area as large as 50 football fields, over
1,532,197 gallons of beer are served.

Beer Festival with World’s Greatest Variety of Beer – The Great American Beer
Festival, Denver, Colorado, USA holds the Guinness World Record for offering more
beers at festival than any other in the world, with 377 breweries serving 1,672 craft

Largest Beer Bottle Collection – Ron Werner of the USA was bestowed a certificate in
2002 for his collection of 11,644 different beer bottles accumulated since 1982,
including 7,128 that remain unopened. Among this collection are 1,704 brands. He
has sampled almost every one of these brands.

Largest Per Capita Beer Consumption – The Czech Republic is listed as having a
beer consumption of approximately 35 gallons of beer per person, almost twice that
of the USA.

Largest Volume of Beer Consumed – The USA holds the record for the greatest
volume of beer consumed, measured at 6,439,000 gallons, with an average
consumption of 23.5 gallons per person.

Beer Bar with the Largest Selection of Beer in the World – Dave Alexander of the
Brickskeller, Washington, DC, received a Guinness World Record certificate for
having the largest selection of beer in the world, a total of 1,072 different beers.

World’s Largest Pub Crawl – Confirmation of the record set in June 2005, arrived on
February 14, 2006, for the largest pub crawl in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.
In order to meet qualification standards, 1,198 of the total Maryborough population of
26,000 were required to visit 10 pubs in 6 hours, and drink at least one drink
(alcoholic or not), at each pub. A stamped card was carried and submitted by each

Drinking the Fastest Liter of Beer – On June 22, 1977, Steven Petrosino broke the
World Record for drinking 1 liter of beer in 1.3 seconds at the Gingerbreadman in
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA. The previous record was held by Peter Dowdeswell of
the United Kingdom, who drank 1 liter in 2.3 seconds.

Drinking the Most Beer in 5 Minutes – Eric Lean of Crowley, United Kingdom holds
the Guinness World Record for drinking 7.75 imperial pints of beer in 5 minutes. The
record was set in January, 2003.

Drinking Fastest 3 Pints – The world record for drinking the fastest 3 imperial pints of
a liquid was set by Barry Wilson of Stroud, United Kingdom, in December, 2002,
when he consumed 3 pints of beer in 31 seconds.

Strongest Beer in the World – Since 2002, the Guinness Book of World Records has
listed Samuel Adams as brewing the strongest beer in the world. Utopias, brewed by
Boston Beer Company, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, holds the current record, as a
50 proof beer, having 25.0% alcohol by volume.

World’s Strongest Bottle Conditioned Beer – Dogfish Head Olde School Barley Wine,
brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, Delaware, USA, with 15.04% alcohol
by volume.

World’s Strongest Belgian Beer - Dogfish Head Raison D’Extra, brewed by Dogfish
Head Craft Brewery, Milton, Delaware, USA, with 20.0% alcohol by volume.

First Beer Museum in the World – The Brewery Museum Ref. No. 58, Pilsen, Czech
Republic opened 1958.

Longest Working Bartender – Angelo Cammarata of West View, Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, USA began working as a bartender on April 7, 1933 when beer was
ten cents per glass. In 2003, he was granted a certificate by Guinness World
Records for 71 years of tending bar.

Largest Aluminum Drink Can – A reproduction of a can of Draught Guinness,
fashioned by O’Brien Aluminum for Guinness Australasia in 1999, measured 14 feet
9 inches high, 5 feet 10 inches wide, and weighed 661.39 pounds. It could hold 7,625
pints of beer.

Fastest Beer Bottle Opening – On April 2, 1999, a team of three members, led by
Alois Unertl of the Unertl Brewery, Munich, Germany, succeeded in opening 300
bottles of beer in 1 minute 47 seconds on the set of Guinness Die Show der
Rekorde. Each member opened 100 bottles, relay style, using a specially designed
bottle opener.

Beer Keg Balancing – John Evans of the United Kingdom holds the Guinness World
Record for balancing 11 empty beer kegs, weighing 339 pounds, on his head for 10
seconds. His record was set on June 15, 1998.

Balancing Pints of Beer – John Evans of the United Kingdom holds the Guinness
World Record for balancing 235 pints of beer on his head, set September 7, 2002 in
Dessau, Germany.

Largest Beer Vat in the World - built by the Meux Brewery, London, UK in 1795.
Made of wood and enormous cast iron hoops, it held 860,000 gallons of porter.

Greatest Flood of Beer – In October, 1814, one of the largest vats at Meux Brewery
exploded, sending a flood of porter into the streets. The vat was constructed of
wood, and was held together by 29 cast iron hoops, each weighing 500 pounds.
Capacity of the vat was 126,000 gallons, and created a flood of beer that caused
another vat holding 76,000 gallons to collapse. Eight people died through drowning,
drunken poisoning, or injuries beyond the scope of the medical community at the
Beer World Records