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Bottle Cap Currency

A beer promotion in the nation of
Cameroon has resulted in huge
sales that has left the country
flooded by bottle caps.  The caps
are now being used for currency by
many citizens.

Competing beer companies offered
prizes under every $1 bottle of beer
and almost every cap was a
winner.  Prizes ranged from another
bottle of beer to mobile phones and
even cars.  Nearly 20 million bottle
caps are now in circulation
throughout the nation.

Since virtually every consumer of
beer has a chance of winning
something it has become common
practice for even non-drinkers to
buy beer daily.  

Because of the abundance of caps
and the chance that they will bring
big prizes the caps are being
accepted as money at many local

Even taxi cabs are now taking the
caps.  Experts estimated that five
caps would cover someone's taxi
expenses for an entire day in any
city in Cameroon
You don't say.....

Leonard Carlo likes a particular word, and it's
reflected in the decor of his Colorado
Springs, Colo., bar. "F---ing Women" says
the sign on the ladies room; "F---ing Men" it
says on the opposite door. Another sign
notes, "No f---ing tap or draw beer". A state
liquor enforcement agent, noting a state
regulation prohibiting profanity in bars,
confiscated 29 signs.

After Carlo filed a law suit charging the
government violated his right of free speech,  
the state dropped all charges against him and
has returned his signs in return for his
dropping the lawsuit.

While the "no profanity in bars" rule is still on
the books, a spokeswoman for the Colorado
Department of Revenue, which oversees
liquor enforcement, says that liquor agents
will not enforce it.

Keith Osborne, 47, the president of the
“Labologist Society,” collectors of rare and
antique beer bottle labels, was convicted by a
British court for beefing up his $77,000
collection by stealing some of them from the
British Archives. He was sentenced to 18
months in prison.

He had to give them back, but that’s OK: he
still has his Picasso collection.
Ya gotta love these guys

John Ciardi-
"Fermentation and civilization are inseparable."

Saint Columbanus -
“It is my design to die in the brew-house; let ale be placed to my mouth
when I am expiring, that when the choirs of angels come, they may say,
Be God propitious to this drinker.”

Karen Sand-
"No poems can live long or please that are written by water-drinkers."
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Beer Pong Illegal

The borough of Belmar, NJ has banned
all outdoor games involving alcohol.  
Nicknamed the "beer-pong law", the
ordinance prohibits alcohol related
contests on porches, decks, lawns,
front and side yards, and anwhere that
it can be viewed by the public and

This new law compliments an earlier
one that prohibited alcohol
consumption while playing wiffle ball.

Belmar is located about halfway
between Manhattan and Atlantic City.  
It has an offseason population of 6,000
that can reach 70,000 on a summer