Wine Line
I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I drink.... wine!
Dr Archibald Landersmann III, Esq.
presents the BeerNexus
When I spoke with my good friends at BeerNexus, Arty Hannemann and Arny Lands, I realized that
their rather less than sophisticated upbringing left them lacking in the knowledge necessary to
adequately discuss the subject of wine proper. I thereby insisted on taking on the chore of writing an
informative symposium about the delightful indulgence of wine as a libation, for their rather blue collar
website relating to that horrid beverage, beer.

Imagine believing that a rather sour Grand Cru could compare to a delightful Merlot or Pinot Noir! The
sheer thought causes me to take extreme caution so as not to fall from the very chair I rest on, to the
floor below me as I fill the halls with excruciating laughter. Ha Ha.

Well yes, now for the subject of wine, although one wonders whether the beer swilling readers of this
website can actually read, or even if they are sober enough as to not see a double image from their
red bleary eyes.  Ok, now put down your tankard of ale as we discuss that which is really worth the
effort of the digestive tract… Pinot Noir !
                                                    2008  PINOT  NOIR

First of all, without getting too technical, so as not to confound you, I will explain that which is of
utmost  importance to the wine connoisseur.

Viticulture: At MONTEBRUNO they follow a system of sustainable farming. In simpler terms they
ensure to be economically viable, socially supportive and ecologically sound. The vineyards are
certified by LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology), as well as “Salmon Safe” denoting the organic
farms certified to ensure runoff etc. does not impact the environment in any adverse way.

The grapes used in the 2008 Pinot Noir were harvested from Deer Haven Vineyard, Irish Bend
Vineyard and Rainbows End Vineyard. The yields were 1-2 tons per acre. The soil definition is as
follows: Nekia and Bellpine combined with ancient marine sediments as well as volcanic basalt.

I was lucky enough to meet CEO of Montebruno Mr Joseph Pedicini at a wine tasting held at Berkeley
Fine Wine in Berkeley Heights NJ. Here are a few highlights of my interview with him.

Dr Landersmann:  Mr Pedicini could you describe the Vinification Process for our readers?

Mr Pedicini- “Yes Dr., and please call me Jo, there is no need for formalities.
The Pinot Noir was produced with a great deal of patience using a slow cool fermentation
 carried  out by indigenous yeast in small open topped vats.
The free run juice is then transferred to French oak barrels where the wine develops for
18 months before bottling (without finings or filtration).
Only 500 cases are produced, and they are aged for 12 months before release. The ABV
stands at 13%”

Dr. Landersmann- “Was there anything special about this harvest that led to such a fine
quality vintage?”

Mr Pedicini- “Why yes, in fact the 2008 vintage was very special in Oregon. Extra
“Hang Time”  with warm dry days and cool autumn nights allowed us to harvest some of our
 last blocks at Halloween! The fruit was ripe and full of complex flavors, but the “Brix” were
 not over the top. The sugar levels and acidity were kept in check by the cool evenings.”

Dr Landersmann- “Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about
Montebruno and the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir culture ?”

Mr Pedicini- “The Willamette Valley has an amazingly diverse Pinot Noir culture. The soils
and growing conditions are also diverse and yet uniquelyOregon. We try to let this express
itself in our wines,  And we are very proud that our wines are born here!
Through  conscious farming, low yields and carefully not over-handling the fruit in the winery
we make wines that heve been described as being “Very Oregon” but at the same time
“Old World”.

Dr Landersmann- “Let’s try some shall we?”

Mr Pedicini- “Why yes of course !”

Tasting Notes- MONTEBRUNO 2008 Willamette

Valley Pinot Noir has rich aromas with earthy notes. Hints of violets and ripe plum. Meaty and savory
on the palette with dark fruit, huckleberries, ripe raspberries, strawberries, rose petals, pomegranate,
and minerals. This is a sophisticated and nicely balanced wine that has wonderful depth and
concentration of red fruit in the Burgundy style.

It's simply a lovely Willamette Pinot. Great nose, palate and finish. Very refined.

    I would rate the MONTEBRUNO 2008 Pinot Noir at a high five out of five grapes!

Until next time, I would like to thank those readers for whom this article was informative.

                                                     Sincerely yours,
                                        Dr Archibald Landersmann III Esq.