Tenth and Blake Beer Company Opens for Business

Earlier this summer, MillerCoors announced the opening of a new company focused on craft and import
beers.  it's the Tenth and Blake Beer Company.

“This is a unique and exciting period in the beer business,” said Tom Cardella, the company’s CEO and
President. “With the added focus on our craft and import brands and the talent within our brewing network,
Tenth and Blake Beer Company has the opportunity to make an impact and continue to help grow this
segment. We’re made up of passionate brewers and merchants of the world’s finest specialty brews, and
we look forward to celebrating the joy of beer with beer drinkers throughout the U.S.”

The organization wanted a name that reflects its great beer heritage from MillerCoors, while highlighting its
unique and differentiated position in the industry. The 10th Street Brewery in Milwaukee brews Leinenkugel’
and various specialty beers. And Blake Street in Denver is home to the Blue Moon Brewing Company at
the Sandlot in Coors Field. These facilities will be primary sources of many of the company’s brews, while
serving as incubators of ideas and future beers.

The company’s network of brewing expertise extends beyond Denver and Milwaukee, with the Leinenkugel
Brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wis. and the AC Golden brewery in Golden, Colo. Beers now under 10th and
Blake purvue: Blue Moon, Leinenkugel’s, Pilsner Urquell, Peroni, Killian’s, Henry Weinhard’s, Grolsch,
Tyskie, Lech, Cristal, Cusquena, Aguila, Batch 19, Kasteel Cru, AC Golden brands (Herman Joseph’s,
Winterfest, Colorado Native) and Sandlot brands (Brewmaster’s Special, Ski Brews, Barmen,
Championship Amber Ale, Right Field Red, Slugger Stout, Power Alley ESB).

MillerCoors intends to put all of its craft-style beers outside the main MillerCoors brand so you’re not going
to see a Coors Light Amber Bock or an MGD Farmhouse Ale.  

In a unique twist, every employee in the 40 person company, from the highest-paid executive to the lowest-
earning brew house laborer, will take classes on beer history, styles, flavors and etiquette, including one
course on food pairings.

Tenth and Blake's beers account for roughly 10% of MillerCoors' domestic net income. The brewer
reported $334 million in net income in third quarter. Many of the Tenth & Blake brews are growing at a
faster rate than the company's bigger brands, whose sales have declined recently.

Smaller craft brewers aren't quite sure what to think. "In some ways you can take it as a form of flattery. In
other ways you can take it as a form of competition," said Bryan Simpson, a spokesman for New Belgium
Brewing in Colorado, maker of Fat Tire and other successful crafts. If MillerCoors "gets mainstream
drinkers turned on to new styles of beer, then that's a benefit to all craft brewers," he said.
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