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Kevin Torpey
The Tap Room proudly presents
== Southern Tier Night==

Southern Tier Brewing Company is one of the truly outstanding craft breweries
in the country and I'm most excited that we were able to put together a special
evening dedicated to their beer.  The brewery itself is located Lakewood, NY, in
the southwestern section of NY state known as the Southern Tier.  

The company was founded in 2001 by Phineas DeMink and Allen “Skip” Yahn.
They started modestly using old equipment from a defunct brewery, the Old
Saddleback . In less than four years, thanks to the quality of their beer, they
expanded distribution to cover the majority of New York State and Pennsylvania.
Demand was so strong that In 2009 they added a new 20,000 sq. ft. building.  
Even that wasn't enough to meet the clamor for their beer so in 2010, 800
barrels of fermentation vessels were built, as well as a 7500 square foot addition
to the conditioning room. The brew house itself was expanded from a 20 BBL
system to a 50 BBLone. The company also added a new bottling line that fills,
caps and labels over 10,000 bottles per hour. In 2012, a new brewhouse
installation began of a 110 barrel Steinecker system imported from Germany.  

As the marketplace wanted more and more of their beers Southern Tier took a
another bold step when in 2016 it entered a landmark alliance with Victory
Brewing under parent company Artisanal Brewing Ventures .

The  Event

I've been able to secure eight great beers from Southern Tier that represent
what American craft brewing is all about.  To further celebrate the excellence
that is Southern Tier we will have available several beer cocktails created
especially for this event! In addition I'm happy to tell you that brewery
representative Robert  will be here to answer any and all questions.
I guarantee you really enjoy this most special evening..
Thursday, May  25 starting at 6 PM.  

The Beers

You'll instantly know  this beer is all about Mosaic hops from its aroma of pine,
mango, and grapefruit.  At first sip you'll see it has a hearty malt bill along with
big delicious notes of tropical fruit juice..As the flavors open tasty orange (think
creamsicle) steps to the front backed by caramel, malt, and hop resin notes.
The finish adds hints of pineapple juice, bitter lemon rind, yellow grapefruit,
cantaloupe, and mango. At 8.1% ABV this beer has a perfect smoothness
making it one of the few Imperial IPAs that is highly quaffable.

Lemon Drop Sun
At 5.1% ABV you can enjoy several glasses of this clean, crisp, and
refreshing American Pale Wheat,  On the nose you'll experience a nice hoppy
bitterness with clearly defined but nonetheless subtle citrus notes.  The flavor
profile features lemon, wheat, light spice and tart fruits. All in all, this is a fun,
enjoyable, and delightful take on lemon drops - and who doesn't like that?

Nu Skool
Southern Tier spent over a year prototyping R&D versions of this terrific IPA.
The aroma is nicely hoppy with notes of fresh yeast. The taste  features pine,
citrus hops, lightly toasted malt and tropical fruits. It has a creamy smooth
mouthfeel highlighted by an assertive yet not too aggressive hop presence.
At 6% this brew packs loads of flavors while being so very drinkable..

3 Citrus Peel Out
This is a new, unique Imperial Wheat Ale (8,5% ABV).  How unique? Well,it's the
only beer I know of that was brewed with blood orange juice, tangerine and
grapefruit peels.. In fact, over four and a half pounds of tangerine & grapefruit
peel were used per barrel.   It's lightly sweet with big juicy citrus fruit flavors
leading to an engaging tart, tangy finish highlighted by grapefruit in the
aftertaste.  Great on its own, we'll also be featuring it in our "beertails".

Choklat Oranj - 2015
I always try to have something for those of you who enjoy a treasure from the
Tap Room's vault and this is it - a big (10%), luscious, complex Imperial Stout
that I've carefully stored for nearly two full years.  The enticing aroma features
notes of clean malt, dark chocolate, toffee,and orange. The taste brings
decadently rich chocolate, vanilla, and cocoa, flavors along with a burst of
orange sweetness.  Complex and delicious!

Raspberry White
This Southern Tier seasonal is a full flavored  session beer (4.6%ABV).   It's
refreshingly crisp with a touch of sweetness from malted barley, unmalted wheat
and raspberry puree.  A gentle tartness from the raspberry leads to a mid-palate
sweetness that provides a perfect contrasting base.  It's effervescent throughout
and reaches a crescendo with a finely bubbled rollicking prickly finish.
It's a fun, tasty brew that beckons you to have several.

Using three varieties of hops, four types of malts, and a selection of tangerine
peel, Southern Tier has created a session IPA (4.6% ABV) that surpasses many
of it's higher  alcohol brothers in flavor and complexity.  Enjoy it's aromas of
fresh citrus peel, candied orange, and lovely tangerine.  Taste brings more of
the same with a light bitterness and fruit flavors from the middle to the end with a
light malty backbone. The finish has a lingering caramel maltiness behind
more citrus notes on the edges. You're going to love this one!

This 5% ABV beer is a homage to the classic German style. It is brewed the
German way, and trust me, you'll taste the difference. One reason it is so
authentic is that Southern Tier sourced all the hops and malts used in it from
Germany. The beer opens with pilsner malt, light floral,and spicy hop aromas.  
Medium bodied with soft, carbonation, the beer is creamy and smooth
throughout.   It features flavors of lemon candy, orange spice and apple juice
that lead to a crisp, clean, finish.  It's Pilsner the way it should be.


Try them one at a time or all together in our special
tasting set of four 5 oz. pours.  It's a great way to enjoy them all.


Don't miss this outstanding lineup of beers from Southern Tier.

May 25  at 6 PM at The Tap Room.


I'm constantly working on bringing you the finest beers on the planet.  Beers
rotate quickly on our twenty lines so the only way not to miss anything is to
stop by often or check our current lineup at


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Kevin Torpey
Southern Tier
Beer Blast

May 25 starting at 6 PM