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Kevin Torpey
The Tap Room proudly presents
A Night of Barrel Aged Beers

Back in the day, wood was the material that was used for the construction of
beer barrels, storage vats, mash tuns, and just about every other brewery
vessel except the brew kettle.  Somewhere along the way, it was noticed that the
type of wood used for the barrel contributed to the character and flavor of the
contents. The length of time the beer remains in the barrel can be as little as a
week or two, or can be as long as a few months to a year. It all depends on the
brewer, the type of barrel, and the intended result. Due to the extra time and
expense involved, barrel aged beers are typically in short supply

Oak is easily the most frequently used wood in the industry.  However chestnut,
ash, poplar, cedar, acacia, cypress, redwood, pine, and even eucalyptus

have been used for barrels with varying success. New wood barrels are not
used to age beer. That’s because they can impart a very bitter, astringent taste
to the finished product. Instead, most breweries utilize previously used barrels –
bourbon is the most c
ommon, but you’ll also find rum, rye and other types.

Wooden barrels are only used once in distilling spirits, and then they’re tossed
out making them widely available to brewers.  Barrels are used just twice for
aging beer. The first aging will impart the full flavor experience to the brew,
including any alcohol notes from the previous use of the barrel. The second
aging will impart mostly wood notes to the beer.

I have been able to secure eight world class barrel aged gems for this
emorable event. In addition, I have personally aged several of them in the
Tap Room's vault for the just the right time which is- Friday, March 24, 2017.  

When you see the lineup you'll understand why I can't wait!

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2013
Yes, we have it - on tap!  Rated a perfect 100 by Beer Advocate this
is a much sought treasure by beer aficionados.  This 2013 edition (13.9% ABV)
is considered by many to be one of the finest barrel aged beers ever made.
Take time to savior the beer's  luxurious  bourbon, chocolate, vanilla,caramel
and roasted malt flavors. It is truly magnificent!

Founders Backwoods Bastard 2013
Founders took their world class Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale (11.2% ABV) and
aged it in bourbon barrels for a year to create this complex brew that is well
deserving of its perfect 100 rating. Flavors include oak, malt, bourbon,
molasses, and brown sugar
all surrounded by a great barrel character.  I've
carefully cellared
this one for nearly four years and now it's ready to take its
rightful place in this incredible night of wondrous  beers.

Nebraska Barrel Aged HopAnomaly 2015
Take a big, bold Belgian strong ale / IPA and age it for 6 month in French oak
Chardonnay Barrels and you get a b
eer that will engage your senses to the
utmost.   It features flavors of apple, pear, fresh grass, vanilla, and engaging
oak tannins.  I've been waiting two years to unveil this beer and now believe it's
at a peak of perfection.  Enjoy this special treat.

Speakeasy Old Godfather 2016
This award winner (9.5% ABV) was brewed only once.  Speakeasy took a blend
of fresh barleywine and vintage batches then carefully aged it in High West
bourbon barrels from 1 to 2 years. I was able to secure a very limited amount  
then cellared it for another year in preparation for tonight. You will revel in its
flavors of caramel, oak, pine and of course, bourbon. It's guaranteed to be

one of the finest barleywines you've ever had!

Central Waters Brewers Reserve Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale
I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to offer you this Bourbon barrel aged
Wee Heavy/Scotch ale (9.9% ABV).   It's the prized Brewers Reserve edition
which is extremely hard to find outside of the brewery's home state of
Wisconsin.  It's rated "world class" by BeerAdvocate thanks to an irresistible
combination of vanilla, caramel, molasses, oak, bourbon, and dark fruit flavors.

Lost Abbey Cuvee De Tomme
This big (11% ABV) ale is a multi-award winner from one of the most highly
regarded breweries in the nation. It is made only once a year in small quantities .
It is fully fermented before being placed in Bourbon barrels that have been
inoculated with Brettanomyces yeast
. Sour cherries are then added and the
beer is aged for over a year
. The cherries bing a light sourness that is balanced
by sweetness from candy sugar
and dry oak notes.  It's a rare treat indeed.

Allagash St. Klippenstein
This highly rated (99/100 by barrel-aged, Belgian-style
strong stout (11%ABV) wll tantalize you with it's complex aroma and flavors
of dark chocolate, vanilla,cocoa, bourbon, raisins, and coconut.  Delicious
background notes of oak tie everything together.  This beer was only
brewed once so enjoy it while you can. Outstanding!

Founders Frootwood
This is the one you might have heard about - it's a lovely 8% ABV cherry ale
aged in oak barrels that have previously held both bourbon
and maple syrup.  
It might remind you of the classic Manhattan cocktail with a warm vanilla and
earthy sweetness.   The beer boasts flavors of oak, supple tannins, cherries, ,
black currants, dates, apples, and a hint of grape.  Unique and delicious!


Try them one at a time or all together in our special
tasting set of four 5 oz. pours.  It's a great way to enjoy them all.


Don't miss this incredible lineup of truly special beers -
it is the only time you will ever see them anywhere on tap together.

March 24  at 6 PM at The Tap Room.



I'm constantly working on bringing you the finest beers on the planet.  Beers
rotate quickly on our twenty lines so the only way not to miss anything is to

stop by often or check our current lineup at


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