She said.......
  It's about the beer
                                         He said........

Gina Miller           and                Bill Keeper

Hey Bill, I've just been reading about all the health benefits of beer and I've come to the
conclusion that beer is healthier than milk for the average, healthy person. Of course  there
are exceptions. Pregnant women should obviously not drink any alcohol, nor should diabetics
or people taking prescription medicine. People also driving or working machinery shouldn't
drink as well.  Beer has no fat or cholesterol but does contain less calories and ten times less
sodium than milk. Milk is found to actually cause osteoporosis because dairy products have
high levels protein.

Trace amounts of pesticides have been found in milk. These chemicals can build up and
negatively effect the immune system, reproductive system and central nervous system. These
pesticides have been linked to cancer as well.

No less a source than the Harvard Medical School's Guide to Healthy Eating says that
consuming (beer) alcohol in moderate levels "protects against heart disease and ischemic
strokes, and mounting evidence [shows] that it protects against diabetes and gallstones".  Who
knew beer was such a miracle elixir!  

Want more?  In the very archives of the great I saw articles proving that beer
has a positive effect on blood vessels, decreasing the risk of clotting or rupturing and those
who drink it have less of a risk of dementia and can even increase cognitive functions.  Oh, It
also can also increase metabolism, lower calories and reduce stress .

Did you know, Bill, that many chronic health conditions in humans are caused by cow's milk?
The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology says that milk is one of the most
common food allergens. Cutting milk out of your diet can reduce obesity levels, arthritis up to
90% and even get rid of acne.

So Bill,  hopefully that will explain to you just why I enjoy a beer at breakfast.  Just wait until you
try some on your Cheerios!

That's it from me, chug-a-lug, Bill.....see you next month.

Gina, well it's been quite a few years since I've ordered a glass of milk instead of a glass of beer
so I find it hard to disagree with you - but I still do, at least a little.  I've read all those health claims
about beer too and always wondered just how accurate they are.  Most of that "pop science" is
taken from token studies that have no real connection to actually drinking beer.

Look, I acknowledge that alcohol in moderate amounts can be beneficial to many healthy people
but you really do a disservice to milk.  I can't believe I just wrote that on a beer website.  

Gina, milk does not cause osteoporosis as you stated. Also, milk is not loaded with pesticides or
antibiotics. The FDA has done numerous studies, all of which show that the trace amounts (if
any) of hormones, pesticides, or possible antibiotics in milk are safe for human
consumption.Besides, there many regulatory procedures that ensure the safety of milk.  Did you
ever hear of pasteurization?

You did get a little carried away with your claim that cutting out milk can reduce obesity. Come
on, there are plenty of non-fat varieties of milk for the consumer to buy.  Low-fat milk or skim milk
provides an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, which are especially important for our
bones. Overall, milk is a good source of protein and rich in nutrients, the same cannot be said
about beer. By the way beer has its share of calories, and all calories in excess will make you
gain weight; any time you consume more calories than you burn off, you will gain weight.

All I can say is I drink beer because I love the taste not because it's a medicinal cure-all.  Oh, and
how does that beer taste on your Cheerios?  I might just try that with my Breakfast stout tomorrow.

Here's looking at you, kid!   See you next month.
Round 15