All participants receive a
course completion
certificate and
BeerNexus memento.

Beer Instructional Tasting Party / Beer School

Enter the world of craft beer at your next party.  BeerNexus will
send our training team to your location for a fun and informative
lesson about the world of craft beer with a  hands-on tasting
session.   Learn and taste about various styles ranging from
refreshing wheats to knock your socks off barleywines.  We cover
the history of beer, beer styles, how to serve, pour, and taste beer.
It's a unique and fun party from groups of 6 to 25 adults.  

For full details and pricing
contact Vince.

Let The BeerNexus Team Pour At Your Event

Planning a beer event for your bar, restaurant, or party?  Let the
BeerNexus team handle the "pouring and informing".  We will
guide your guests to the right beer and move then on to
appropriate selections throughout the event as we pour and talk
beer. Your guests have questions and our team has the beer
answers.  So instead of uninformed bartenders or doing it
yourself let us make your beer event/party truly special.  

Details and pricing
contact Vince.

Beer School for Professional Staff

Sadly most beer bar and restaurant staff are not very
knowledgeable about the beer they are serving.  As a result the  
customer's experience and resulting sales are not maximized.  
While some good training programs exist, they are time
consuming and expensive.   Now you can get an effective,
efficient, and value based in-house training session from the beer
experts at one of the most lauded beer sites -

BeerNexus will send our training team to your location for single
or multiple training sessions.   Topics range from beer styles,
branding, serving, and tasting to evaluating and pairing with food.
Every presentation includes hands on beer tasting.

For full details and pricing please
contact Jim.