Vegetarian Cooking With Beer
Here's my take on some healthy foods that pack
plenty of flavor.  Try these easy to cook recipes
and you won't be disappointed.  And of course,
don't forget my golden rule -
when in doubt use more beer!
No Chicken Cacciatore
Serves: 6

12 oz. faux chicken (such as Quorn's Naked Chicken)
2 Tbsp. olive oil, divided
4 cloves garlic, crushed
1 green bell pepper, cored and cut into strips
1 white or yellow onion, cut into strips
1 cup fresh button mushrooms, sliced into ¼-inch pieces
1 28-oz. can chopped tomatoes
1/2 cup red wine
3/4 cup of barley-wine ale
1 lb. short, flat noodles

Cut the faux chicken into bite-sized pieces,
• In a large skillet, heat 1 Tbsp. of the olive oil over medium heat.
Add the faux chicken, sauté until brown, move to a plate lined with paper
towels, and set aside.
• In the same skillet, heat the remaining 1 Tbsp. of olive oil over medium heat.
Add the garlic, green pepper, and onion and sauté for 2 minutes.
Add the mushrooms and continue cooking until the vegetables are soft.

Add the chopped tomatoes and red wine and simmer, covered, for 30 minutes.
• Remove the lid, add the faux chicken, and continue cooking for 10 to 15
minutes or until the liquid is reduced and the sauce is slightly thickened.
• Meanwhile, cook the noodles according to the directions on the package.
Drain.   Serve the cacciatore over the hot noodles.
Grandma's Minestrone Soup

Serves 6 to 8

2 cups vegetable broth
2 cups India Pale Ale
4 cups diced tomatoes
1 Tbsp. fresh basil, chopped
1/2 tsp. oregano
1 cup chopped carrots
1 cup chopped celery
1/2 onion, chopped
1 cup chopped zucchini
1 cup chopped yellow squash
1 cup green beans, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 bay leaf
Salt and pepper, to taste
1 1/2 cups uncooked whole wheat macaroni pasta

In a slow cooker, combine all the ingredients except the pasta.
Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours, or until the vegetables are tender.
• Add the pasta and cook on high for 15 to 20 minutes,
or until the pasta is tender.
Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie
serves 6

1/2 cups vegetable broth
1 cup stout or strong ale
1-1/2 cups chopped carrots
•2 onions, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1 cup sliced celery
2 cups frozen corn
1 cup frozen peas
1 tsp. pepper
2 bay leaves
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
12 oz. pkg. frozen beef subsitute crumbles
2 Tbsp. flour
6 servings refrigerated prepared mashed postatoes
3 Tbsp. light cream
1/2 cup grated Romano cheese

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
In large saucepan, combine broth, beer, carrots, onions, garlic, mushrooms,
celery, corn, peas, pepper, bay leaves and nutmeg.
Cover and cook until vegetables are tender, about 10 minutes.
Add crumbles and mix well. Remove 1/2 cup of broth from saucepan and
mix with flour in a small bowl.
Add back to the vegetable/crumble mixture in saucepan and simmer until
thickened, stirring frequently. Remove bay leaves.
Spoon vegetable/crumble mixture into a 3-quart casserole dish.
Combine mashed potatoes, light cream, and cheese in large bowl and
mix to combine.
Spoon potatoes over vegetable mixture. Bake at 375 degrees F for 20-30 minutes
or until pie is bubbly and the potatoes begin to turn golden brown
Give these recipes a try and you won't be
disappointed.  They are quick, easy, and fun to cook.  
And remember, when in doubt just use more beer!
For good beer and superb vegetarian food Elaine recommends the award winning
Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant,
15 So. Orange Ave, South Orange, NJ
Elaine Alexander  -  wine, beer and culinary writer
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