I never considered the great song writer Oscar Hammerstein a beer aficionado but he
laid down an extremely worthy bit of advice to we folks that are when he wrote:
"Give me some men who are stout-hearted men
Who will fight for the right they adore
Start me with ten who are stout-hearted men
And I'll soon give you ten thousand more-ore"
Good old Oscar wasn't talking about our kind of stout but he would have if he could see
the lineup I've put together for our first ever STOUT FESTIVAL beginning on Jan. 7, 2014.

Each of the special stouts we will be pouring is made with the finest malts which
give the style its famous dark color and roasted flavors.  Traditionally the word
stout meant strong and was applied to Porter in the 18th century - most typically by
Guinness, which was one of the few breweries to continue making such beers into
the 20th century. Guinness is an excellent Dry Stout but it's available just about
everywhere so you won't see it at our festival.  After all, this is Nik's Wunderbar
where you'll find not just good beer but the rarest gems that truly represent the
depth of a beer style. Take a look at the beers we will be pouring and you'll see what
I mean.  This is likely the finest lineup of extraordinary stouts available anywhere!

Ovilsholt Lava Smoked Stout
Porterhouse Oyster Stout
Fort Collins Double Chocolate Stout
Kane Silent Nights
Garun Imperial Stout
Harpoon Chocolate Stout
Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout
BFM Alex Le Rouge
Avery The Czar
Weyerbacher Heresy 2012
Founders Breakfast Stout
Moa Imperial Stout
Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti
Green Flash Double Stout
Flying Dog Kujo

Here is the deal - we will have 4 different stouts on at one time and will rotate in new ones
as they kick. This is our entire lineup - and yes, we will have them all.
Remember, the festival begins on January 7th.

Will you be one of the truly dedicated beer lovers who drinks each different stout in the festival?


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Thanks, and don't forget to say hello when you see me at Nik's Wunderbar!


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