"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

We love hops.  Here are two fairly new varieties you might not know about -
1. Jaryllo - named for Jarilo, the Slavic god of Fertility and springtime.  It has aromas
of pear, banana, and apple. It's a great choice for pale ales.  2.  Loral- a balanced
hop, bringing together clean elements of earthiness, fruitiness, and lemon citrus.  
Some call it a "super noble hop."  We use it for late and dry hopping.

George Washington was super adamant about rationing his troops a
quart of beer a day in their daily rations..Way to go, George!

Cask Ale Term - "Spile" is the wooden peg that's nailed into the shive of a cask.  A
hard spile is nailed into the shive after the ale has conditioned  to retain carbonation.

In English brewery cask units, a barrel is equal to two ilderkins or four firkins, or
the equivalent of 36 imperial gallons which is about 43 US gallons.  How's that for
information you'll never use and didn't need to know?

Here's our quick version of Irish Coffee- fill a glass with ice.  In a second glass shake
2 ounces Irish whisky and one ounce of Kahlua coffee liqueur with ice. Pour this into
the first glass and fill with your favorite oatmeal stout.  Delicious

A "Wild IPA" makes use of a bacterial fermentation, usually lactobacillus,which
produces tart lactic acid flavors. This can be achieved with a technique called kettle
souring grains from the mash or unfermented work are inoculated with a bacterial
culture and intensionally soured.

Quiz time! (super easy) What does ABV stand for? A. alcohol by viscosity,
B. alcohol by volume; C. alcohol by vibracy; D. alcohol by weight        

Wondering what beer goes best with your morning donuts?  We recommend a cool,
creamy stout. The sugars in the donut compliment the roasted malts in the beer.

"“All of the fat guys watch me pitch and say to their wives, 'see, there's a fat
guy doing okay.  Bring me anohter beer'"."
Mickey Lolich (former MLB player)

One of the easiest beers to pair with food is a light Mexican style lager.  Try one with
tacos, nachos, or enchiladas.  They also go great with fast food classics  Our
favorite is deep fried mozzarella sticks. We'll worry about the calories next time.

In 1911,the Milwaukee-founded brand Schlitz was the first to block out the sun's UV
rays via a brown bottle.  The rays can easily and quickly skunk your beer.  Schlitz
also invented the tall boy, likely to ensure that people would have something fun to
carry around in tiny paper bags.

Considering that Anheuser-Busch is a global beer-making conglomerate, it shouldn't
be surprising that it employs more people than all the craft breweries combined.

"This is one of the disadvantages of beer: it makes a man mistake words
for thought. "     Samuel Johnson

Quiz Time- part 2. In the brewing process, the fermentation step turns sugar into
alcohol and what else?   A. Co2,  B  Malt,  C. Nitrogen, D. Sugar  
Ans. a

People who drink in moderation tend to be healthier and live longer than those who
either abstain or abuse alcohol according to scientific studies. We figure if we drink
more than moderation recommends we'll be even healthier.

Beer cocktail - The Maureen O'Hara..  Fill a glass with ice. Add1/2 ounce of honey,
1/2 ounce of water, 2 ounces of Irish Whiskey.  Shae.  Fill the glass with a Kolsch
beer.  Goes well with watching the movie The Quiet Man.

Hangover” in Norwegian is directly translated to “carpenters in the head”.

The Babylonians were one of the first cultures to start brewing beer. To keep the
quality of the commercial brews up, a law was passed that if your beer was seen as
unfit or inferior, you were sentenced to drown in it.

Not all “malts” contain gluten. Many people think that a malt is a gluten-based
product, but any grain can be "malted". Gluten-free grains included maize, sorghum
and rice, amongst others. Hence the making of gluten free beer.

How's you butt?  No, not that one.  A butt is a very large cask that holds two
hogsheads, three barrels, or 108 imperial (aobut 130 US gallons.)

"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."
Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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