"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

IPA Notebook - Belgian Style.  IPAs fermented with Belgium yeast varieties are
called Belgian IPAs, but despite the name, these are predominantly American
beers.  Belgian ale yeast tends to be very alcohol tolerant and ferments very dry,
so it's a good fit for bringing out the high bitterness and aromatics of American hop
varieties, which often pair will with the yeast's spicy (clove, earthy) and fruity
(citrus, lemon) yeast character.

"In my opinion, most of the great men of th epast were only there for the beer."
A.J.P. Taylor (British Historian)

We've recently enjoyed this beer cocktail and would like to share the recipe- The
Memphis Hip Shake.   Here we go - fill a glass with ice.  Shake 2 ounces dry gine, 2
ounces fresh grapefruit juice, and 1/2 ounce sweet vermouth withice in a cocktail
shaker until thoroughly chilled.  Pou into a glass, top off with a Double IPA
(preferably one with grapefruit notes).  Stir gently to blend.  Enjoy.

Quiz time! “Alcohol” is a word derived from which language? A. Latin
B.  ArabiA; C. Frennch; D. Chinese; E. German             

IPA Notebook, part 2 - American This has become a broad family of IPAs but the
term "American is used mainly to distinguish lighter, drier, more fiercely hopped
New World IPA from the darker, maltier, generally less sharply hopped English
IPAs.  So if you see the term, thing hops!

"“What were they thinking? 'It's an alien apocalypse! Quick, grab the beer!” "  
Rick Yancey,
The 5th Wave

Know your cask ale - Beer Engine.  This is a countertop mounted pump with a
handle for serving beer from a cask.  It draws ale directly from the cask through a
beer line, and it is best for British style ales.  We both love cask ale!

New Hop Variety - Monroe.  This German variety is low in bitterness with orange and
raspberry notes as well as hints of fennel, cherry, and lemon.  It was originally
propagated from a wild American hop variety.  It has around 2.5% alpha acids.

Beer is by far the most popular alcoholic drink in the world.  Last year people
consumed nearly 58 billion gallons of beer worldwide. However beer is only the
third-most popular drink on Earth, after water and tea

"I thank Heaven that in a world of much evil there is still so good a thing as ale."
Rafael Sabatini

Quiz Time- part 2.  When was the first time when beer was sold in cans?
A. 1895  B 1925; C. 1935; D. 1945; E. 1952  
answer- C

You can buy a "boot of beer" in many German drinking halls and other enlightened
places around the world. Some say the boot-shaped glass hearkens back to the
practice of German soldiers drinking beer from an actual boot in the trenches of
World War I. They  surged in popularity n the United States after being featured in
the movie Beerfest (look for a split second cameo by Jay) They generally come in
2 and 3 liter sizes. They are not for the faint of heart.

The process of beer brewing used by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia resulted in
what we now call “beer-bread”:  half baked bread was soaked in water to create a
fermented brew, which was often flavoured with honey and herbs. Since it had the
same basic ingredients as bread, it was considered to be an equally nutritious food
resource. Some ancient pottery findings suggest the beer brewing process dates
back even further, namely 7000 or more years ago..

Most Americans are used to seeing kegs of beer, which contain about 15.5 gallons
of beer each. That’s a lot.. A barrel of beer, though, can hold a little bit more. How
much? How about a whopping 31 gallons making it about twice the size of a keg.

Until the thermometer was invented, brewing beer requiring dipping a finger in the
mix to test the temperature before the addition of yeast. Yeast will die if the mixture
is too hot, and will not develop in cold temperatures. This is considered one of the
possible origins of the phrase ‘rule of thumb’ by some, not us.

Beer was not officially classified as an alcoholic beverage in Russia until 2013.
Previously, anything beverage that contained less than 10% alcohol by volume
had been classified as a “foodstuff” and was therefore controlled as such.

"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."
Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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