"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

Beer Style Guide - Altbier.  Alt means "old" in German and this ale is just that but
is also associated with a region, in Germany -Dusseldorf.  The beer is dark,  
chocolately, and fruity with notes of bread crust over spicy hops.  These 4.3% to
5.5% ABV beers offer a lot of character and flavor at their low strength.  It is top
fermented with ale yeast.  The best examples of the style come from Germany.

"The weirdest thing about Tibet is that the most popular beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Everywhere, even on the slopes of Everest, cans of Pabst lay alongside the road."
Scott Stoll

Beer Glossary:  Dry Hop.  To add whole or pelletized hops to beer that has already
fermented.  While it imparts no iso-alpha acids, and therefore technically adds no
bitterness, the hop oils and related aromatic compounds can often give the
impression of bitterness.  Dry-hopped beers are often cloudy because the hop oils
tend to form a hop haze at higher concentrations.

Quiz time! Which one of these has been purchased and  a large brewery? - (This is
the same question but with different choices from last month.  So many breweries
had sold out we could do this for months- and are)  A. Cigar City, Fl ;
B. Victory Brewing, PA; C. 10 Barrel Brewing; D. Uinta Brewing, UT; E. Schlafly
Beer, MO; F. All of these  G. None of these                

Beer Style Guide: Scottish Ale.  There are several grades of Scottish ale beginning
with Scottish light a malty brown ale with a 3.2% AB.  It packs a lot of flavor for such
a small beer with caramel, butterscotch, and bread malt flavors. Scottish heavy is
next thought it's not really heavy at 3.9%.  It has more caramel and butterscotch
notes with a richer body.  Scottish export follows that with an ABV up to 6%. It has a
more complex flavor profile featuring toast and caramel malts.  Best examples of the
export available worldwide are Belhaven Scottish and Orkney Dark Island.

"Whoever drinks beer,he is quick to sleep; whoever sleeps long, does not sin
whoever does not sin, enters Heaven!  Thus,let us drink beer!"  
Martin Luther

Hop Outlook LORAL      After f4 years of development experimental hop HBC 291
was finally named and ready for brewing.  Its unique character puts and American
spin o noble hop: florla, spicy, minty, herbal, with a hint of eucalyptus.  There's also
dark fruit character in the aroma.

Beer Game- Buffalo Club.  This is more of a long term pact than a drinking game.  
People who join the "Buffalo Club" adhere to one very simple rule when they get
together.  As long as you are in the club you must never be seen drinking a beer
with your right hand.  You can hold it in your right hand but only drink with the left. If
you are caught violating the rule you must chug the beer.  This one is dumber than
most of the games we reluctantly tell you about.  Oh well, at least you drink in it.

Beer Glossary - SALTS  One of several additives for treating water prior to its use
for brewing. Common brewing salts include gypsum, calcium chloride, chalk, and
baking soda.Sodium chloride (table salt) is rarely used in brewing.  Water treatment
not only ensures it contains minerals that the yeast needs for optimum growth it also
helps minimize dissolved solids that can harm a beer's flavor.

"If I only drink beer, nothing stronger, then by the end of the night I can generally
recognize myself as a reasonable human being, and more importantly wake up
that way."    Robert Black

Beer Glossary - Bottle Conditioning.  A secondary fermentation that takes place in
the bottle/can to induce carbonation. The beer is mixed with a small amount of sugar
and then bottled.  The re-fermentation that occurs in the bottle produces enough
CO2 to carbonate. This may cause a bit of sediment on the bottom of the barrel.
Don't worry it won't harm you and you might even enjoy its taste in the beer.

Beer must be consumed in a reasonable amount of time.  Draft beer is generally
only good for 45 days after it is filled.  Don’t buy a keg to save money if you cannot
consume it in a reasonable amount of time, you will be doing yourself a favor to only
buy as much beer as you can consume in a week, two at the most.

Be sure to keep your beer drinking glassware in very good condition.  If you do not
use cleaner designed for bar glasses then beer glasses should be cleaned
especially well and rinsed very well.  Always allow them to air dry, do not towel dry.

"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."
Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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