"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

Keep your eye out for the Azacca hop.  It's named for the Haitian gold of
Agriculture. It's a high alpha hop with pineapple, mango, and orange aromatic
character.  There is also a hint of grapefruit, tangerine, and lemon when its used as
a late hop addition.  Azacca is often used in American IPAs and has similar to the
wildly popular hops from New Zealand but costs just a bit less.

Martin Luther once said "Beer is made by man, wine by God."  With all due
respect we think it's really the other way around.

Ever wonder what makes a "session" beer?  Generally speaking it's any beer under
5% ABV.  Nearly any  beer can be made to that strength though IPAs lend
themselves best to the session label and are the most popular. Many other styles
like Scottish light ale, mild ale, and ordinary bitter, are by default session beers as
their maximum allowable strength should never exceed the 5% ABV threshold.

American Lagers are pale, light-bodied and well attenuated beers in the 4.2 to 5.3%
range. If you think they don't have much flavor then try a light version of it. To be
kind they are easy drinking beers with  high carbonation to accentuate its standard
dry finish. Up to 40% corn and/or rice is used to lighten the body.  The result is a
beer with little hop or malt flavors.  Hey, isn't that what beer is all about?  Try a Bud,
Miller, Coors, or PBR and get ready for a no taste sensation.

"I like to drink a can of beer because Champagne just makes me thirsty."
Colin Dexter

Same question as last month but new choices. Which of these craft breweries
has been purchased by a large brewery?
1.. Odell, CO,  2. Lagunitas, CA; 3.Troegs, PA; 4. Unita, UT; 5. NSixpoint, NY     
The answer:  #2
by Heineken

We couldn't mention American Lager without saying something about American
Light Lager which is a serious category at the Great American Beer Festival. It is
designed to appeal to a broad audience with it's 3 to 4.5% ABV.  It is the single best
selling beer style in the USA.  Like it's big brother American Lager, it too is made
with up to 40% corn and / or rice.  We're not sure about the corn syrup.

Care for a game of Beer Jenga?  This is a modification of the classic Jenga game
which has nothing to do with beer.  Ours fortunately does.  Each block gets a rule
written on it. Examples might be "take a drink", "the person to your right takes a
drink", don't speak for the rest of the game".  Be creative. Once all the blocks have
rules scramble the tiles and build the tower the normal way.  Each player then takes
a block on their turn and must follow the rule on the tile. The first person to topple
the tower has to finish their beer.  It's silly but can be fun if the rules are good.

"One of the main reasons people took to living in communities is that they had
a powerful desire to brew and drink beer which could only be indulged by
staying in one place."

You have a nice Kraeusen! Don't worry, it's not personal. It's a German word that
refers to the mass of foam that forms on top of a batch of beer that just begun
fermenting. When it reaches it's peak usually two to three days after the yeast has
begun to work, brewers refer to it as "high kraeusen". It can also be used as a verb
but in this case the word refers to adding a bit of unfermented beer wort  to a
fermented batch in order to create a controlled secondary fermentation that
carbonates the beer.  All of which is more than we needed to know.

We salute Foothills Brewing in North Carolina for creating a monthly IPA series in  
which they donate a portion of all sales to local charities. Well done.

Want to lean another brewing term?  How about "boil"? Beer is boiled mainly to
extract bitterness fro additives like hops, to sanitize it prior to fermentation, and to
allow proteins and other hazy forming compounds (collectively called break) to
clump together during the boil and fallout of the solution.  Beer wort is usually boiled
for an hour or longer to allow for all those things to happen.  Not all fermented
beverages require boiling.  For example cider and winer are not boiled.

How about one more brewing term? No, well, okay.

In Japan craft beer only makes up about 1 percent of total beer sales.
Might be a great place to open a good brewery.

We did some research and discovered that A glass of beer shortens your life
by one minute, a glass of wine by two minutes, and a day of work by seven to
ten hours. Draw your own conclusions.


"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."

Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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