"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

We know you like mimosas with breakfast but for a change try a Black Velvet. Half
sparkling wine and half stout, the bubbles keep the beer from weighing you down
and the fruitness of the wine compliments the bitterness of the beer. Try it with
French toast, pancakes or crepes.  You'll thank us.

Beer contains silicon, which can help bone tissue better absorb calcium and vitamin
B, two nutrients known to help prevent osteoporosis.  All of which means savoring a
good beer regularly has its health benefits.

Christmas may be long gone but you can still enjoy a Wassail which can refer to a
beverage, drunken festivities, or singing.  Nowadays the old fashioned holiday drink
is generally made with mulled cider or wine but before cider was used it was made
with ale, the stronger the better.

Have a rusty bolt or screw that's giving you trouble? Just pour some beer on it and
wait a few minutes.  The carbonation can sometimes help break through the rust. If
it doesn't work just drink the rest of the beer and maybe another.

It is said that when Napoleon conquered Prussia in 1809 the troops occupying Berlin
toasted the victory with Berliner Weisse calling it the "champagne of the north".  Try
sweetening it with some raspberry syrup if the bitterness is too much for you.

Usually anglicized to "coolship" the koelschip is the key to traditional lambics. It can
only be used in winter months when it's too cold outside for molds to infect the beer.  
After boiling, the wort is poured into a wide, shallow, open topped container (the
koelschip) to cool. This process occurs in a room with overhead ventilation in order
to pull wild yeasts from the outdoor air. The yeasts settle on the broad surface area
of the beer to allow fermentation.

Next time your group gets together try this Peruvian custom.  Order a large bottle
and one glass (or a glass for each person).  The first person pours a glass drinks
the beer, flips the glass over to show it's empty and hands both to the next person.
Whoever has the very last drink from the bottle pays for it.

Brewers who work with archaeologists and scientists to reconstruct ale recipes used
thousands of years ago are called "archeobeer," In 1988 Anchor brewery made a
Ninkasi beer fron a 4,000 year old recipe. It was not a big seller..

A Cicerone is the beer euivalent of a sommelier. The program started in 2007 and
has four possible levels the highest being Master Cicerone.

In many countries too much foam in your glass means not getting your money's
worth of beer which is most offensive.  In Japan however the more foam the better.  
So much so that manufacturers have even created special gadgets to all more
froth to beer. It's not something we would buy however.

Finish Sahti "beer" is traditionally served in a juniper wood vessel called a haarikka.  
It is made with bread yeast instead of brewer's yeast and often uses juniper instead
of hops.  We tried it once. Never again. Why did we even bring it up?

Try a Carte Banche beer cocktail.  Shake 1 oz. of run, 1/2 oz. of black raspberry
liqueur, and 1 oz. of cranberry juice with ice.  Strain into a tulip glass. Fill with a
good witbier. Top with nutmeg and cinnamon. No need to thank us.

Bow & Arrow brewery in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the first and only brewery in the
US owned by Native American women, They showcase elements of their tribal
identities by using local ingredients  like blue corn and sumac berries.

Tough workout at the gym? Beer provides a decent source of hydration in a pinch.
Beer was initially used as a safe source of hydration since drinking water sources
for could be quite questionable.

Beer has been long used as a homemade medicinal remedy due to its strong
isopropyl alcohol, which gives it antiseptic properties. In fact, beer is so safe to
use that you can actually clean a cut or scrape quite effectively.   And hey,
it also doubles as a pain reliever too even if you don't have any pain.


"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."

Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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