"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

Wondering what beer to pair with Indian food?  The traditional answer is India
Pale Ale but we like to use tart beers such as lambic and gose.  Belgium ales
also work well as does stout with richer, sweeter sauces.

Bouza is an Egyptian beer made with old school methods.  First a dough of wheat
and barley is kneaded with yeast, partially leavened, and baked only enough to
make a crust on the outside leaving the soft dough inside filled with live yeast.  The
loaves are then broken up and mixed with wetted yeast along with a bit of bouze
from a previous batch.  The result is a bready, yeasty beer.  We do not like it.
Most beer is made with dried hops but some breweries use hops fresh from the field
bringing a less bitter hop flavor. This technique was pioneered by Sierra Nevada's
Harvest Ale in 1996 and immediately caught on.  The beer's flavor profile will
change every years since the hops have differences each growing season.

Yes it's true, Lambic and Gueuze are essentially the same thing. Lambic originated
in Belgium and is a sour, wild wheat ale fermented in an open container.  Gueuze
is made by mixing aged lambic with new lambic in a bottle allowing the yeasts in
the old one to re-ferment with the new one's sugar.  Unlike Bouza, we love these.  
By the way we pronounce Gueuze "
Goes Ah".  

What to teach a pompous waiter at a fancy steak house a lesson? Instead of
ordering red wine for your red meat ask for a Flanders Red  Its tang and
slight fruitiness will add another layer of complexity to the meal the wine won't..  

File this under stupid ways to make beer.  A group of researchers collected a lot
of urine form the Ghent music festival bathrooms and ran it through their solar
powered membrane filtration system.  The water from this was collected and sent to
De Wilde Brouwers who make it into a beer they named "From Sewer to Brewer".
It was technically a Belgium Blonde.  Sales were not strong.
Make you healthy salad taste better with a beer dressing.  Try lambics in
vinaigrettes, pale ales in dressings with garlic, and IPAs for creamier recipes.  
Here's one you can make easily.  1.  Combine two tablespoons of mustard, a dash
of sugar, tablespoon of minced onion,  and a teaspoon of lime and orange zest in
a bowl.  2. Whisk in half a cup of beer and a half a cup of olive oil.  3. Add salt and
pepper to taste.  Trust us, it will be great.

We hear a popular new beer activity in some less than adult circles is called Beer
Roulette.  Everyone in the group picks a can of beer the one player shakes it up.
Next the players shuffle the beers around or give them a few spins on a lazy Susan.  
Each player grabs a can and opens it.  If you get sprayed you lose.  Everyone
laughs and drinks their beer.  As we said, it for less than adults.

Quiz time! Which of these are real beer slogans and which are made up (extra credit
if you can guess the brewery name of the real ones  1. "Senses Never Forget";
2. It's what your right arm's for."; 3. "You'll be over the moon"; 4. "Looks ugly.  
Tastes great."; 5. On the frontiers of taste."  Answers (no cheating)
1  Real; Sapporo; 2. Real;; Courage Beer; 3.Fake; 4. Real; Stellla Artois; 5. Fake

We're sure you know this but just in case let it be known that porters, stouts,
witbiers, saisons, and lambics are all ales.  Bocks, pilsners and Octoberfests are all
lagers.  Ales are top fermented at warm temperatures while lagers are bottom
fermented at cold temperatures.  Ales have been around for thousands of years
while lagers have only beer made since the 16th Century.

"Beer. It always seems like such a good idea at the time, doesn't it? What's worse
is beer seems like an even better idea after you've had some beer."
Stephen Hall

Did you hear about the little boy who came home and smelled beer on his mother's
breath.  "Why Mother" he exclaimed, "you're wearing Daddy's perfume.

"One of the disadvantages of strong ale is that it makes a man mistake
words for thoughts."  Samuel Johnson

It’s nice to live in Seattle.  Every year the city's public library holds an
Booktoberfest in which librarians are sent to bars and pubs all over the city,


"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."

Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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