"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

The Polish Beer Lover's Party won 16 seats in the nation's parliament. The main
lank of their platform is to reduce the consumption of strong alcohol and increase
he consumption of beer. They also advocate drinking in pubs instead of at home.

The Belgium dubbel, tripel, and quadrupel are aptly named.  They just different
strengths of the same beer style. The dubbel features flavors of chocolate and
burnt caramel with low bitterness.  The tripel has some sweetness, spiciness, and
citrus flavors.  The quadrupel flavors are molasses, pepper and dark fruit..
During famed author Marcel Proust's final days he lived on a diet of coffee and
beer. His died after drinking a bottle of his favorite beer at the Ritz Hotel.

We like this refreshing take on a shandy - pour half a cup of carbonated water, the
juice from a half a lemon, one tablespoon of simple syrup  over ice.  Stir and add
your favorite white ale or even beer a strong IPA.  It's called the Hopalong.

In 1956 the government commissioned a study on the quality of beer post-nuclear
exposure (our tax dollars wisely spent - right).  The results showed that some beer
retained it's former taste and the containers (bottles and cans) kept out most of the
radiation.  Draught beer however got contaminated.

Quiz - The first serious breweries in the USA were founded by German immigrants.
Here are four main ones. Match the beer with the date of it's founding.-
1. Budweiser; 2. Miller; 3. Coors 4. Pabst    Now the dates: a. 1873,  b. 1876,
c. 1844, d 1855.    No peeking - here are the answers
the answers -
1.-b // 2 -d  // 3 - a //  4 - c

"Black Ivory", coffee beans predigested by elephants, is in high demand by coffee
serious lovers.  Those beans were also used in a just discontinued beer. The beer
was simple too expensive to make because Taiwanese elephants can only produce
so much bean dung because most of the beans are digested. From 72 pounds of
coffee fed to the elephant the return is only 2 pounds of black ivory

A motorcyclist walks into a bar holding a chunk of asphalt,looks at the bartender,
and say, "Get me a beer - and one for the road.  Feel free to laugh.

From 1882 to 1950 a literal blue ribbon came with every bottle of Pabst.
The company bought almost a million feet of blue silk ribbon each year and
hand tied some around each bottle.  Also one marketing campaign featured
women blindfolded with blue ribbions happily drinking Pabst and proclaiming
"The one has the touch!".  

Dogfish Head in Delaware was the first one to make beer using crushed lunar
meteorites. It was only offered at their pub for one day.  The moon dust added
minerals and salts to the Octoberfest style brew giving it a subtle extraterrestrial
flavor. Dogfish bought the dust from ILC Dover, a company that makes space suits.

American beer still belongs to America — sort of. American breweries have opened
satellite locations in Berlin and Bangalore, India. The grand finale of last month’s
Paris Beer Week featured more than 40 French craft breweries, virtually all of which
have dabbled in hoppy American-influenced India pale ales.

Quiz:  Fill in the blank. 1.In the brewing process, the fermentation step turns sugar
into alcohol and _______.  2. Generally, the ingredient that is malted at the
beginning of the brewing process is _________.  3.  The main cause of skunked
beer is _______.  Answers:
1. Caron Dioxide; 2. Barley; 3. Light

"Human beings are at their best in bars drinking a beer."
Alec Waugh

"If you  can't drink a lobbyist's beer and whiskey, take his money, and accept his
gifts and still vote against him in the morning then you don't belong in politics."
Jesse Unruth

Jay walked into a bar yesterday and ordered a double.  The bartender brought
out a guy who looked just like him.

Clay waled into a bar and saw a pink elephant, a green mouse, and a yellow snake
all sitting there.  He said, "you're all a little early boys.  I'm only on my first beer.


"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."

Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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