"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

The first beer vending machines, called pioautomaty, were invented by the Czech
brewing company, Pilsner Urquel.  It also checked your ID for proof of age.

Skydivers traditionally uphold "Beer Rules", which mandate that on a new skydiver's
first jump, he or she must buy the group a case of beer after everyone is back on
the ground.  In case of an accident no debt is incurred.
When Peter the Great (really just average) traveled to Britain in 1698 he fell in love
with stout.  When he wanted some shipped to Russia the first batches did not travel
well so the British brewers upped the alcohol content and intensified the taste to
withstand the long voyage and prevent it from freezing.  Hence the name we know
the beer by today - Russian Imperial Stout.

Honey mead, the world's first fermented beverage, has a half sister called braggot
though you might see it called bracket, bragawd, or bragaut. It's a hybrid between
beer and mead, or simply a beer fortified with honey.  It's not a favorite style of ours
(too sweet and thick) but Weyerbacher's Sixteen is a good one if you must try it.

One of the latest fads is a bike and brew tour. With so many new breweries opening
in close proximity it's easier to do than you might think.  Trained guides take you on
a cycling route and you stop at various places along the way.  It's easier by car..

Quiz - try to name the birthplace of these European beer styles -
1. Saison; 2. Gose; 3. Russian Imperial Stout; 4. Sahti; 5. Koyt; 6. Danziger
Joppenbier.  As you see it starts easy and ends hard.  No peeking - here are
the answers -
1. Belgium; 2. Germany, 3.England; 4. Finland; 5.Netherlands, 6. Poland

The Spanish word for beer, cerveza, has long been thought of as a lingering
homage to Ceres, the Roman goddess of the harvest.  However the word is much
older than the Romans, most likely from the first Celts. No matter what the language
we think the word for beer should be the first anyone learns.

After Prohibition ended (1933) and until 1976, Coors was a hot commodity. It was
only legally served in eleven states because it was unpasteurized and didn't travel
well.  That made bootlegging Coors into a cottage industry. That fact was the  
inspiration for the 1977 Burt Reynolds film, Smokey and the Bandit.  Needless to say
Coors, on many levels, is  not what it used to be.

Last month we both went to a baseball game to celebrate the most famous games
ever played. On June 4, 1974 the Cleveland Indians held 10-cents a beer night.
Twenty-five thousand people showed up to drink beer; seven to watch the game.
Eventually fans stormed the concessions, started fights, and stormed the field.  Bat
wielding players started swing to protect themselves.  Only in Cleveland, folks.

We don't like shandies but if you must we suggest you make your own.  Open a
bottle of not expensive champagne and mix it half and half with a cold pale ale.
At the very least it will be refreshing

"I can tell I've had enough to drink when my knees bend backward."
W.C. Fields

"It was my best friend Clay who discovered that beer was a food well in advance
of modern medical thought."  Jay Silvers

If a bartender calls you a Florence Nightingale they mean you are nursing your drink.

Quiz:  Hops are most closely related to which of the following?  a.) hackberries, also
called nettle trees; b.) wisteria, a flowering vine in the legume family;c.) hemlock, a
type of conifer; d.) lupine, a flowering vine in the legume family   The answe -

How is a psychic medium like a  bartender?  - they both contact the spirit world.

The first modern American IPA was Anchor Liberty Ale, a single-hopped,
dry-hopped West Coast IPA  released in 1975., It still features Cascade hop
but is far too wimpy for fans of today's hop bombs.

Schlitz Brewing invented the tall boy can.  Our guess is they do so to ensure that
people would have something fun to carry around in those small paper bags.


"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."

Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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