"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

Ever wonder where the bubbles in your beer come from?  We didn't either but
here's the answer anyway,  There are two main ways: force carbonation and bottled
conditioning.  In force carbonation the brew is put in a sealed container and then
carbon dioxide is forced into it at high pressure.  With bottle conditioning the brewer
simply bottle the beer with extra sugar for a second fermentation.

Shakespeare liked a good beer as much as anyone which explains why in The
Winter's Tale he has Autolycus say "For a quart of ale is a dish for a king."

If you have a lot of Easter chocolate bunnies still around try pairing it with a
good porter or stout.  If you don't have any chocolate just drink the beer.
Hildegard of Bingen, a German abbess, was the first to document the preservative
nature of hops in 1150.  What she didn't know is that hops also can be an anti-
anxiety agent, help with insomnia, and can make a great IPA.

A new study from Austrian scientists found that hop heads are less agreeable and
more hostile than their milk stout loving counterparts.  The study claims that people
who like bitter tastes (like coffee, radishes, and hops) tend to show more "everyday
sadism" and "psychopathic tendencies".  Stupid study if you ask us.

The Italian brewery Alta Quota has joined with the Napoleone chocolatiers to
make spreadable beer.  It comes in two varieties: Omid Dark Ale and Greta Pale
Ale.  They recommend spreading it on cheese, tarts, and cakes.

One of the hot brewing trends is to use tea.  The one we like best are Dogfish
Head's Sah'tea, a version of a traditional Finnish farmhouse ale with black tea. We
weren't fans of Ceremony from Baxter Brewing which is an IPA blended with
astringent gunpowder and matcha.  Even worse in our opinion was Lamburcha from
Vanberg Brewing which is a fizzy lambic coupled with fermented kombucha.

At the founding of the colonies in America, "revelling" in a tavern was illegal.  What
exactly "revelling" meant was usually up to the judge and police.  In addition,
Massachusetts also banned dancing which we always thought was part of revelling.

Plato, the father of Western philosophy understood the value of the good, the
beautiful, and the true.  That explains his famous quote "He is a wise man who
invented beer."  If he didn't really  say it he should have.
Most Presidents enjoy a drink or two after a long day of doing whatever it is they
do.  Can you guess which of these Presidents had a special love of beer?
a. James Garfield; b. Richard Nixon; c. George Washington; d. Grover Cleveland;
e. Andrew Jackson   No peeking - the answer is:
a,c, and d.  Garfield was a true-blue beer lover,
Washington favored dark porter, and Cleveland once tried to dut down to four beers a day but couldn't do it.

Did we ever tell you about our friend Charlie?  He doesn't wear glasses, he
empties them. Ta- boom.

Signs we've recently seen in bars:
Drink here, four out of five accidents happen in the home.
Please don't drink on an empty wallet.
If you must drive your husband to drink, drive him here

"I distrust a man who ways 'when'.  If he's got to be careful not to drink too much it's
because he's not to be trusted when he does" .  Sidney Greenstreet in one of our
favorite movies
The Maltese Falcon.  Our favorite classic movie to drink along with
is any of the Thin Man series. Anytime they drink a martini you drink a beer -
you won't last.

In 1850, Louis Pasteur studied beer. After finding it ‘was alive’, he
invented pasteurization.  He didn't like milk at all.

Storing bottled beer upright minimizes oxidation and contamination from the cap.

Brewers are known for being passionate and surprisingly superstitious. We know of
a brewer overseas who dropped a screwdriver into his first brew by mistake. Now he
drops it in every time.  Don't worry, he sanitizes it first.

Some craft brewers use adjuncts to enhance flavour, while mega brewers
add adjuncts to reduce flavour.


"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."

Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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