"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

One of the oldest pieces of literature known to man contains a tribute to beer.  In the
poem "The Epic of Gilgamesh" written in Mesopotamia around the 18the century BC
the main character Enkidu "drank seven cups of beer and his hear soared.  In this
condition he washed himself and became a human being."

Did your bartender pour you a glass with overflowing foam? Don't panic.  Just dunk
your finger in it - for even faster results, touch the side of your nose first.  Oils from
the skin break up the protein layers around each gas bubble in the foam, weakening
their surfaces and causing them to pop.  We do recommend clean fingers.

We salute John E. Jeffords who was granted US Patent 272261 in 1883 for inventing
the "Beer-Mug". He describes it as a "neat and cheap form of mug, which is readily
cleansed and not easily broken....made of suitable porous material, glazed."  

We recommend that everyone intending to travel and those who just want to
impress memorize these important phrases: 1.
Torizezu nama - Japanese for "draft
beer for now.".  2.
La meme chose, s'il vous plait - French for "another round,
please, 3.
Cuando cierran? - Spanish for "when is closing time?". 4. Il dopo sbornia -
Italian for "I'm hungover."  5.
Give me beer - English "for give me beer"

Francis Scott Key found the tune for our National Anthem in an old pagan drinking
song about beer written in the 1700s. Its title was "To Anacreon in Heaven."

Quiz Time (no  one wrote asking for more quizzes but we're doing it anyway).  Match
the classic craft brew with its brewery.  1. Dead Guy Ale; 2. Marketing Ploy; 3 Those
Candies Your Granny Loves Brown Ale; 4. Wet Ho American Summer; 5. Me, My
Spelt, and Rye   //  Breweries: a. Cigar City; b. Cambridge; ; c. 3 Floyds;
d. Dogfish Head;  e.Rogue
Answers: 1e; 2.c; 3.a; 4.d, 5.b
"Beer is intellectual.  What a shame so many idiots drink it."
Ray Bradbury

On a mission to create a "universal beer glass" the brew masters at Baladin Brewery
in Italy created "Teku".  It looks like an angular wine glass that is designed to
enhance the aromas and flavors of beer.  It holds 14.2 oz.  If you have one let us
know if it works.  Better yet send it to us as a gift.

When some people think of Liverpool, England they think of its famous football clur
or the Beatles.  Today however to some drinkers it's known as a drink - The
Liverpool Kiss.  It's a pint of Guinness topped with a dollop of Creme de Cassis.
We prefer the Beatles.

The world's first beer for dogs was Bowser Ber created in 2007  With no hops, no
carbonation, and no alcohol it is totally dog friendly.  We don't recommend you drink
it unless you also like Bud Light.  We don't think you'll be able to tell the difference.

About an hour from Prague is the Pilsen Purkmistr Beer Spa which offers relaxing
beer baths.  Your admission fee includes several pints to drink while soaking and a
long shower after your done.  Why the shower?  You may want to soak in beer but
you probably don't want to smell like it.  Maybe..  

If you ever made your own beer or enjoyed someone's home brew then raise a toast
to US President Jimmy Carter.  In 1978 Congress passed bill H.R. 1337 and
President Carter signed it legalizing home brewing.  Cheers!
We walked into a bar the other day  and we each ordered a double.  The bartender
brings out two guys who look just like us.

In response to many inquires we recommend a double IPA with bar pretzels and a
bourbon barrel aged barleywine with Goldfish crackers.

"Beer makes a man better pleasing to himself; I do not say it makes him more
pleasing to others."  Samuel Johnson

"I envy people who drink a lot of beer.  At least they know what to
blame everything on." Oscar Levant

In 1814, almost 400,000 gallons of beer flooded several streets in London
after a huge vat ruptured in the parish of St. Giles


"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."

Clay and Jay

See you next month!e with nearly 4,00
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