"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

"Only a pint at breakfast time, and a pint and a half at eleven o'clock, and a quart of
so at dinner. And then no more till the afternoon; and half a gallon at supper time.  
No one can object to that."  Richard Blackmore,
Lorna Doone

In 1974 William Kuenzi was issued a US Patent (#3788538) for a "Beer Carton".  
The carton made beer easier to carry and easier to carry more of.  We wonder if
any growler manufacturers have to pay him a royalty.

Hangover cure (try at your own risk) - take any Mexican beer, add lime juice, spicy
tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Serrano peppers, oranges, and Clamato.
This might be a case where the cure is worse than the disease.

We may not be big fans of Mexican beer but we do love hot, spicy tacos.  Through a
lot of trial and error (meaning we drank a lot of beer) we discovered the best match
is a Vienna style lager.  Malt forward beers like that have just the right amount of
sweetness to counteract watery eyes and burning tongues.

Wit, Weisse, and Weizen are the grand old trifecta of white beers with medieval
roots. All were born centuries ago in nothern Europe and have a creamy wheat
texture, citrus tang, and refreshing after-affects.

Wit means "white" in Flemish/Dutch and refers to the witbier, or Belgian style wheat
ale.  Weiss translates to "white" in German and refers to the sour Berliner styler
beers.  Weizen means "wheat" in German and describes Bavarian style wheat beers.

This should be easy.  Match each brew (they are named for their hometowns) to
its home country.   1. Berliner Weisse; 2. Budweiser Budvar, 3.Flanders Red,
4. Kilkennny Irish Cream, 5. Newcastle Brown.  //  a. Ireland; b. Czech Republic,
c. Germany, d. England, e. Belgium.    
Answers: 1.c; 2.b; 3. e. 4.a; 5.d
In the 1500s when hot temperatures made brewing beer impossible, breweries in
Bavaria dug cellars in the riverbanks to keep their brew cool.  They also planted
chestnut trees to create shade.  Eventually the banks were covered with gravel,
table and chairs were added.  The beer garden was born!

Almost all the sweet and sour notes in lambics today have been carefully calculated
by the brewer.  However, for ages bar-goers who ordered krieks were given two
lumps of sugar and a muddler.  The drinker was expected to crush the sugar on
the bottom of the glass to lessen the sour taste.

Pioneer Day in Utah is a religious holiday that honors the early Mormons.  The
massive celebration does not include any alcoholic beverages as Mormons do
not drink.  In turn, many non-Mormons celebrate "Pie and Beer Day" which,
as the name says, features pie and beer; lots of each.

Lambic Fruit Cocktail Recipe - mix 6 oz. of peach Lambic with 2 oz. of raspberry
lambic.  Add a splash of peach schnapps and a splash of raspberry vodka.

Run out of your favorite coffee beer?  Try this substitute - take any light or regular
lager (macro swill works best) and add coffee liqueur.  We like 2 oz. of the liqueur
with 12 oz. of beer.  We tried it the other way around and it didn't work.

Ready for another quiz even if it's a bit harder than the first one?  Match the beer-
loving definitions with the terminology and slang - 1.The act of spraying hot water on
spent mash; 2. The chemical study of brewing fermentation; 3. The act of collecting
cardboard beer coasters; 4. A cask that holds 54 imperial gallons; 5, The smell of
sulfer that indicates the presence of sulfate ions.    Terms: a. Tegestology;
b. Burton Snatch; c. Sparging; d. Zyurgy; e. Hogshead.   
 Answers: 1.; 2.d; 3.a; 4.c; 5.b
The word “beer,” comes from the Latin "bibere" which means "to drink."  The
Romans and the Greeks referred to beer as
cerevisia which comes form Ceres, The
Roman goddess of agriculture, and
vis, which means "strength."

We have a friend named Harry.  He can't swim a stoke but knows every dive in town.

Sasions have their roots in pale ales brewed in farmhouses in the French
speaking Wallonia region of Belgium.  Originally they were only brewed in the
summer months but today they're made year round.

"When the lager lout says that beer is an old man's drink, the reply is to ask if
they have ever thought of growing up."  George Williamson


"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."

Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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