"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

Don't throw out your old beer - let it go to your head as in a shampoo. The proteins
in beer can calm fizzy hair and add a little extra smoothness and gloss.  In fact
several cosmetics use beer (usually stout) in their shampoo formulas.

One reason for the high cost of some beer is the tax on it.  Taxes on beer have
been around since the days of Egypt's Middle Kingdom (1800 BC). The royal court
of the time received a daily payment of more than one hundred jars of beer.

Ever have trouble getting a seat at a bar?  Well that rarely happens at the Beer
Barrel Saloon in Ohio.  It holds the record for the longest permanent continuous bar
in the world at 405 feet 10 inches long.  With 56 taps and 160 bar stools you should
never have to stand.  We wonder if the bartenders wear track shoes.

We can't begin to tell you how many times we get a bad pour at a bar.  That's
unlikely to happen in British pubs since glasses have a fill line or indentation.  That
innovations is due to the work of Samuel Plimsoll an English politician who created a
standard line on sides of boats to indicate ift it's too low in the water when loaded.

Quiz time - match the brew tune to its artist: 1."One Bourbon, One Scotch, One
Beer"; 2. "Beer can"; 3. "Longneck Bottle; 4. "Roadhouse Blues"; 5. "Pretty Good at
Drinking Beer". // a. Garth Brooks; b. Billy Currington; c. John Lee Hooker;
d. The Doors; e. Beck.  The answers:
1.c; 2.e; 3.a; 4.d; 5.b

The King of Beer isn't Budweiser, it's Gambrinus, sometimes called the "patron saint
of beer",  Some believe he is totally fictional while other claim he was Jan Primus
(John I), a scion of the stock of Burgundy princes, who lived about the year 1251,
others ascribe it to Jean Sans Peur (1371-1419), otherwise known as Ganbrivius.
If you're looking for a brewery in an RV Park the only one we know of is Wild Run
Brewing in Stafford, Virginia about an hour south of Washington DC.  Brewer/owner
Everett Lovell sells his beer by the pitcher out of the park's game room.

"Beer is the answer.  I don't remember the question."
L.L. Hinckley

, Two questions we overheard being asked at a bar:
"Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?"
"How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the morning?"

In 1953 Storz Brewing tried marketing their beer to women with "Storzette" a less
bitter and low-calorie version of their regular lager.  It's slogan was "The Orchid of
Beer".  It was sold in 8 oz. cans in four packs called "Princess Packs" since they
believed 12 oz. was too large for a single serving.  The beer and promotion flopped.

Here's the recipe for our current favorite beer cocktail - throw together 1 oz. lemon
vodka, 1 oz. of grapefruit juice, 1 teaspoon lemon-lime simple syrup, and 3 oz
of cold IPA. Stir or shake gently and enjoy.

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario found that micronutrients called
polyphenols in one 12-ounce (0.35-liter) bottle of beer create protective levels of
plasma antioxidants that can prevent heart disease.

At three bottles of beer a day some research suggests that the cardiovascular
benefits of beer are reversed by the pro-oxidants your body as it metabolizes
excess ethanol  Just in case that's true we only drink bottles 22 oz. or larger.  
Three of those a day are usually just enough.

At any given time, 0.7% of the world population is drunk. That means 50 million
people are drunk right now. Beer is the main contributor to the drunkenness.

"Two weeks to ferment, two more in the kegs
but in just one night it was drained to the dregs."
Homebrewer Tony Salatti

Embarrassingly easy question: The vast majority of a bottle of beer is made up
of  one ingredient, what is it?  No, we're not going to give you the answer.

Grain is a food source. As such it is literally covered with different types of
bacteria, with Lactobacillus being the most common. Thanks to the high
temperatures used in the mashing and boiling stages of brewing it can't hurt you.

Dear alcohol, We had a deal where you would make me funnier, smarter,
and a better dancer... I saw the video... we need to talk.

"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning

Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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