"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

Can beer and wine be friends?  The answer is yes when the beer is aged in
Chardonnay barrels. We've tried a two (Nebraska Brewing's Melage a Trois
and Temptation from Russian River) and fell in love with both.  

We've often wondered what real pre-Prohibition beer actually tasted like. Well,   
Coors now brews Batch 19 which they say is based on a recipe found in an old
brewers' log book from 1919. After drinking the beer we're still wondering what

pre-Prohibition beer tasted like.

Charles, our downstairs neighbor and budding beer chef  recently made some
dough and folded into a pocket which he filled with beer.  Then he tossed it into the
deep fryer. He claimed he got the idea from a winning dish at an old Texas State
Fair.  All we can say it was the best (and only) fried beer we've ever had..  

If you like beer and pretzels raise your hand. That's just about everyone as far as
we can see.  Because of that a Belgian brewery just released a beer that combines
them. The beer is brewed with mustard seeds but that's all we know other than
we're thankful it's not exported to the USA.

For Russian history devotees we suggest you try North Coast Brewing's Old
Rasputin and Big Sky Brewing's Ivan the Terrible.  After enjoying a few bottles of
each you'll think you can speak fluent Russian. Nostrovia (we know it doesn't
translate as "Cheers" but it's the only Russian word we know other than Vodka)

"Oh this beer here is cold, cold and hop bitter, no  point coming up for air,
ulf, till it's all - hahhh."  Thomas Pynchon

Impress you're Bud drinking friends the next time you see them at a bar and order a
Gose, a German style brew originated in Leipzig made with 50% - 60% malted wheat
and flavored with coriander and salt.  It's quite refreshing.  And according to
German speaking people we know it's pronounced "goes- ah".

If you ask a brewer why they rarely make a beer featuring bananas they will like
ly say that using its sweetness is a challenge t
hey really don't need to deal with
considering how well other fruits mix in the brewing process.

Quick - off the top of your head answer the following:  are drinks like Bud Light
Lime-a-Rita and Lime Straw-Ber-Rita really beer? Technically they are beer with
margarita mix which gives them their 8% ABV.  They are counted in the "beer sales"
category in the industry.  Don't blame us, we just report these things.

There are more and more beers in the marketplace that tout themselves as having
well over 100 IBUs.  The only problem is that most scientists say that the human
palate cannot distinguish anything over the 100 IBU level.  Just call it marketing.

One of our favorite beer names for a sour ale is The Bruery's Tart of Darkness.
It's a sour stout and quite good.

Our friend John just returned from a trip to Asheville, North Carolina and raved
about it as a beer destination stop since it has more breweries per capita than any
U.S. city.  Wicked Weed is there along with many small craft establishments.  The
area is so beer centric that nationally known producers like New Belgium, Oskar
Blues, and Sierra Nevada have moved in.  

We always buy lottery tickets and just in case we win we have created a
spending plan. Part will go for beer and part will go for more beer.
The rest we will spend foolishly.

There's no stopping the IPA craze.  It is now the most popular craft beer style in the
world as well as in the US where it is one of every four beers ordered.

Beers in the lager family need to be conditioned—or “lagered”—somewhere cool for
a number of weeks before they are ready to drink. Ales are fermented at warmer
temperature by top-fermenting yeast strains, and are ready to drink sooner.

You can add sugar and yeast to Non-Alcoholic beer to generate a little alcohol, but
it will taste nasty.  You could also do what was popular during Prohibition by creating
“needle beer”— take some NA beer and add a shot of grain alcohol.

If you don't know much about beer or wine but still want to impress in a conversation
then we recommend dropping the word “legs” (a wine term) and  “attenuation”
(beer talk). After that just smile a lot, nod occasionally, and get a refill for you
r glass.

"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning

Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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