"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

18th-century naturalist John Lubbock gave beer to a colony of ants.  He found
that once the beer was consumed the drunken ants were carried back to the
colony by the sober ones so they could recover proving ants are better
friends than some people.

After WWII the brewing industry tried different sizes of beer cans to see which sold
best.  They tried 8, 10, 12, 14,and 16 ounce cans.  Consumers bought the most in
the 12 ounce size for reasons still unknown today.

During Prohibition several breweries turned to making things to stay in business.
Pabst made cheese, Coors made pottery and Saranac made a variety of sodas.  
They still sell sodas today along with a
lot of beer.

You might like this twist on a normal beer - it's a Sidewinder.  Mix one part apple
brandy, one part maple syrup, and one and a half parts lemon juice.  Then add one
part soda water, four parts beer, ice, and  citrus wedges.  It's a great party punch.

Note to Anchor Brewing - we'd love for you to bring back Ninkasi since we've only
heard about it.  The beer was made according to a 4,000 year old Sumerian recipe.  
It was supposedly served in clay pots with straws.  On second thought, forget it.

A new brewery called Fossil Fuels is appropriately named since the two scientists
who run it claim they are making beer from 45 million year old wild yeast obtained
from samples isolated from around the world.  Sorry, we like our beer fresh.

Secondary fermentation clears out the beer helps to make it smoother tasting.  It
also provides the opportunity to change the taste but can also result in oxygen
exposure and contamination if it's not done right.

The Firestone Walker 7,000 tasting room at their brewery in Barbara CA features a
collection of over 1,4000 fermenting barrels of beer.  The place even has a church
door at the entrance giving the place the nickname "The Cathedral of barrels."

Recipe - beer cooked cabbage:  start by cooking onions in a frying pan, add a can
of beer, then the cabbage, and finally some mustard seeds. We know it's simple but
remember we're not cooks, just drinkers.

Cigar City Brewery has jumped on the "super foods" bandwagon with their
Hunahpu's Imperial Stout.  It's brewed with cacao nibs, a Peruvian superfood that is
one of the most antioxidant rich things you can eat - or drink in this case.

Historians once believed that King Henry VIII called hops a "wicked wee" and placed
a ban on them.  The fact is that Henry actually had a beer brewer in the royal court
and that the confusion stems from his ban on brewing ale with hops.  At the time
beer and ale were two distinct drinks.

Beer in general should be consumed in a reasonable amount of time.  Always
check bottle dates.  And when you're at a bar remember that draft beer is
usually only good for 45 days after the keg filled.    

Always allow your beer glasses to air dry, do not towel dry.  If you ever think of
freezing your glasses (are you crazy?), don’t do it util they’re dry.  Freezing your
glassware will destroy the beer’s flavor and cause a lot of foam.

The major difference between a draft or bottled beer occurs during the
pasteurization process. Draft or keg beer is not normally pasteurized, which means
that the keg must be kept cold. Bottled beers go through the pasteurization process
and are packaged at higher temperatures, which can affect the taste of the beer.

A bar's draft system should be cleaned after every keg or every two to four weeks.
Some bars post this information, most don't.  If you  ask they probably won't tell you.

Fastest Human Beer Bottle Opener on record is Daniel Lambert from Sweden.  He
used his teeth to open 50 conventional crown-cap bottles on March 11, 2001. He
achieved this in only one minute. The record still stands as far as we know.

The weakest liquid ever marketed as a beer was sweet ersatz beer which was
brewed in Germany by Sunner, Coln-Kalk, in 1918. It had an original gravity of
1000.96, with less than 0.2% alcohol.  It was not a big seller.

"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning

Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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