"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

We just enjoyed a bottle of Dogfish Head’s King Midas. Brewers there used a
chemical analysis of a 2700 year old vessel purportedly from the tomb of King
Midas to create the "beer".  It’s special to sip something that is nearly identical to
the beverage enjoyed by a semi-mythical despot from 5000 year ago.

We're not sure how (or why) "Dry January" started but for those trying it Brooklyn
Brewery will launch the next offering within non-alcoholic beer line Special Effects.
It's an IPA to go along with their Hoppy Amber. Good luck with that.

"Ullage" is the headspace above the ale inside a cask.  It can be air if the cast is
intended to be emptied in a day or two but not any longer since oxygen can spoil the
ale. During conditioning (when the ale is primed with sugar and left to ferment again
in the cask) the ullage is carbon dioxide which helps preserves the beer.  A cask
breather can replace the ullage with CO2 as it's emptied to keep the ale fresh.

Say goodbye to Pabst Brewing Company's Captain Pabst Pilot House, its Milwaukee,
Wisconsin-based brewery, taproom and event space, has permanently closed.

You can also say goodbye to Russian River’s Pliny the Younger in 2021. The
brewery announced that the onsite portion of its annual Pliny the Younger release in
2021 would be canceled due to the COVID-19 however It still will be in retail outlets

Quiz time! Why do many beers lose flavour when served cold?
A) Cold temperatures dull your tongue; B) Cold dissolves sugars in the beer;
C) Cold kills the yeast in the bee; D) Cold makes the bubbles start to oxygenater
- A

Bullion is a hop that recently has received new interest from many brewers.  It dates
back to 1919 and is favored in British pale ales and IPAs for its subtle spice and
dark fruit flavors.  It is essentially a bittering hop with high alpha acid levels.

Tips on Cooking With Beer -  The residual sugar in beer plus a spike of alcohol
adds wonderful flavor to food. We say reserve the IPA for drinking. Bitterness — the
signature quality of an IPA — can spoil some foods, like fish, especially after
cooking a beer down into a concentrated sauce.

"Beer - a high and mighty liquor.."
Julius Caesar

Another cooking tip - For sautéing or deglazing a pan, use a pilsner, kölsch, saison
or a wheat beer instead. If using sour beers think of them like wine. They are
complex and acidic and best used for marinating, sautéing, and steaming.

Did you hear about the Roman walks into a bar. He holds up two fingers
and says “give me five beers.”

Quiz Time- part 2. . Beer was first available commercially in bottles in what year?
A. 1925;  B. 1890;  C.  1850; D.  1815n  
Ans. c

Hyper-strong beers are sometimes created through a process called “fractional
freezing” which is used to create Eisbock beers. The beer is chilled to a temperature
that freezes the water but not the alcohol.

Rye IPA is a highly hopped ale that's brewed with malted or unmalted rye.  Rye has
its own distinct flavor and goes very well with the flavor and bitterness of hops,
particularly hops with pine and intergreen flavors.  It also adds heft and viscosity to
beer much like wheat does.  Rye IPAs are most often pale or reddish in color.

Already, about 70% of the metal used in Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV’s beer cans
in North America is recycled. The brewer says it will further reduce emissions by
introducing low-carbon aluminum produced by metals giant Rio Tinto, whose
smelters in Canada are powered by hydroelectricity.

Beer Cocktail - Moore's Madness.  This one is simple but effective.  It brings out the
malty, bready character of the beer while drying it a bit.  Fill a glass with ice and add
1 ounce bourbon and 1 ounce of brandy.  No brandy handy? Two ounces of
bourbon work just as well. Add a pale ale and stir gently.  Good stuff!

Now that the new year is upon us we recommend planning for the future -
Buy two cases of beer instead of just one.

"Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons, that you
cannot see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking a lot of beer."
Dave Barry


"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."

See you next month!
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