"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

Remember Black IPAs sometimes called Cascadian Dark ales? They were a semi
phenomenon a short while ago.  You can still find a few but their heyday was brief.
They combine heavy citrus and pine hops with black or roasted malt, usually with a
touch of caramel malt for balance. Many have a wintergreen hop presence. Strong
or double black IPAs are generally between 8 and 9% ABV.

Another version of an IPA is the Brett IPA. It makes use of a special yeast variety
called Brettanomyces, which lends the beer a rustic "farmhouse" character. It often
is described as earthy, spicy, horsey.  They are typically heavily hopped making
them resemble a Belgian saison.

"Mike Hammer drinks beer instead of cognac because I can't spell cognac."
Mickey Spillan, novelist

Try this beer cocktail when your stuck at home in a snowstorm or anywhere else for
that matter.  We call it the Dark Ranger. Fill a glass with ice. Shae 1 ounce of cherry
liqueur, and 1 ounce of bourbon with ice in a cocktail shaker until chilled.  Pour into
a glass and top with a strong Porter.  Stir gently.  Be generous with the Porter.

One of our favorite brown ales is Samuel Smith's Nut Brown. The plum and prune
notes go wiell with gingerbread, currant puddings, and fruit tarts.  It also works well
with cheddar cheese and strawberry shortcake.  The best pairing of a glass of
Samuel Smith's Nut Brown is another glass.

Quiz time! he best way to get rid of the foam on top of beer (the head) is to
a. blow puffs of air into it; b. shake the beer.; c. sprinkle a small amount of salt on it.
d. stick your fingers into it.  
answer - d

Regular readers know we are huge fans of of cask ales.  Here's a term related to
them you might find interesting - Dead-Blow Hammer.  While taps and spiles are
traditionally driven into casks using a wooden mallet made of ash, a dead-blow
hammer reduces the recoil of the impact, lessening the chance of the keystone
spitting as the tap is driven through it.

One more cask term for the road - Bunghole.  It's one of two openings in a cask, the
other being the keyhole.  The bunghole is at the very top of one rounded side of the
cask.  The cask is filled through the bunghole, which is later stopped with a shive
bung for headspace pressure.  Hey, walk up.  We're done with cask stuff..

"I never drink water Look at the way it rusts pipes."
W.C. Fields

The Czech town of Pilsen unsurprisingly has the title as pilsner’s homeland, first
being produced in 1842 by Bavarian brew master Josef Groll. The pale lager went
on to conquer the world as one of the world’s most popular beers.

A skeleton walked into the bar and asked for a beer and a mop. Think about it.

Quiz Time- part 2. . What is the first "foreign" beer to be sold in Germany?
A. Bass Ale;  B. Budweiser;  C.  Sam Adam; D.  Heineken  
Ans. c

In 1911 Schlitz was the first beer to be distributed in brown bottles, shielding the
suds from harmful sunlight and ensuring better taste. In case you couldn’t tell by the
overwhelming number of brown glass bottles populating the beer section at your
local liquor store, the idea caught hold.

Strata is a relatively new hop variety that features a dan cattiness with overripe
pineapple, resiny pine, and some lemon with passion fruit. Its fruity aromatic
forwardness with some bittering has become popular in NEIPAs.

Hard seltzer continued to cement its popularity this year. According to Nielsen data,
the sparkling beverage is now a $2-billion industry in the U.S., with sales up a
whopping 224% this year-over-last

Beer&Brewing’s highly regard consumer poll has juer, st been released.  Here are
the top fourfor Best Small Brewery- fewer than 15,000 barrels per year
1. Hill Farmstead (Greensboro Bend, Vermont),  2. Other Half (Brooklyn, New York)
3. WeldWerks (Greeley, Colorado), 4. Jester King (Austin, Texas) ↓

Russian Imperial stouts got its name after Empress Catherine II of Russia who
discovered Baltic porters or export stouts. She was a huge drinker of these and
asked for an even stronger version  to survive the trip to Russia.

"I'm a strict teetotal.  I'm not having anything between beers. "
James Joyce


"You can't drink all daBrendan Bahany if you don't start in the morning."

See you next month!
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