"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

File under Beer History - Some specialists argue that Mesopotamian beer was low in
alcohol content, but the people also appreciated the inebriating effects of beer like
we do). Wine was also available, usually as an expensive import from surrounding
regions more suited to grape cultivation. But Mesopotamia was above all a barley-
growing region, and barley is particularly well suited to beer production.

A Kilderkin is a type of cask that holds half an imperial barrel giving it twice the
capacity of a firkin.  This amounts to 18 imperial gallons - nearly 22 US gallons or
144 pints. We thought you needed to know.

IPAs with all their different subcategories,are still the Kings to us.  We love the West
Coast IPAs' bold, bitter and citrusy, while hazy IPAs feature lovely bright  tropical
flavors. Try either with plain snacks, like a baked pretzel, popcorn or cheese and
crackers, that won’t change the beer’s flavor.

One new hop variety gaining popularity is Pekko. Citrus and floral are the main
descriptors of this American grown hop character but others have noted cherry and
strawberry hard candy.  Named for the Finnish god of fields and crops.

Beer drinkers will soon be able to enjoy their favorite brew out of cans that are not
only infinitely recyclable, but made from responsibly produced, low-carbon aluminum.
In a first for the canned beverage industry, Anheuser-Busch has formed a global
partnership with Rio Tinto, a leading producer of aluminum, to deliver a new
standard of sustainable aluminum cans.  

Quiz time! Which is not a style of beer:  A. Roggenbierr; B. Rauchbier; C. Grodziskie
D. all are styles of beer       
Answer-d- d

Early recipes for beer sometimes included mushrooms, poppy seeds, butter, bay
leaves, sugar, aromatics, honey, and bread crumbs.

In ancient Egypt. Mothers sent their children to school with a good supply of bread
and beer for their lunch.

"Englishmen are like their own bee; the froth at top, dregs at bottom but
the middle excellent."  Voltaire

Brewers turned to cans in recent years because they are a penny cheaper per
container than bottles, they are lighter empty or full, and they store a bit tighter

Beer drinkers’ enthusiasm for cans during the pandemic is for another reason:
Because people are trying to go to the store less, large-format packaging is more
popular and “you can carry a 30-pack of cans, not a 30-pack of bottles.”.

Quiz Time- part 2. Which is true  A. Ales ferment at warmer temperatures with yeast
on top whereas lagers ferment cooler and from the bottom.  B  Lagers ferment at
warmer temperatures with yeast on top, where as ales ferment cooler and from the
bottom.4,  C. Both ferment at the same temperature from the top.;  D. Both ferment
at the same temperature from the bottom.   
Ans. a

A "Keyhold" is one of two openings in a beer cask.  It's where beer is dispensed so it
lies at the lowest point of one of the flat cask heads on either side of the cask near
the rim.  A keystone is fitted into the keyhold while the ale is conditioning, when it's
ready to drink, a tap or spigot replaces it.

Northwest style IPA has claimed its own regional IPA specialty which features hops
grown in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  Its big  juicy citrus aromatics are
balanced by a bit of sweet caramel character which sets it apart from other IPAs.

The Beer Institute is a national trade association for the American brewing industry,
first founded in 1862 as the U.S. Brewers Association.

Try a ight, dry Pilsner with light fare to bring out its best qualities.  Wheat crackers,
goat cheese and fruit preserves go exceptionally well.

"We are in such a slump that even the ones that aren't drinking aren't hitting."
Casey Stengel, baseball manager

Doctor: "the best thing for you to do is give up drining beer and get up early every
morning and exercise."  Patient: "What's the second best thing?."

"You've hadn't drank too much beer if you can lie on the floor without holding on."
Dean Martin


"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."

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