by Jeff Levine
When does a two dimensional painting become a three dimensional wonder?  The answer can be
found when looking at the  murals in the Miller Brewery's  Brew & Fermenting Rooms in their
Milwaukee, WI plant.  There, world famous artist Eric Grohe has provided a series of  illusions that
allows all who see them the chance to travel from the moderin brewing world back to the past.

The flat industrial building walls have been transformed into a visual experience that, according to
Grohe, " humanizes the environment for workers and visitors alike."  Grohe used only oil paints on a
dibond aluminum com backing.   The completed pictures were then overcoated to protect them from
the chemical and physical abuses of the building's day to day activity.

Remember, these are flat walls!  In addition to these murals in the Fermenting Room Grohe added 22
smaller ones in the Brew Room.  All depict historic scenes of Miller's history going back to the 19th
century.   Since this is a working brewery these rooms as of yet are not open to the public.
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One more example of Eric Grohe's work.
Grohe at work
Before photo - stucco and concrete wall
Two views of the result - SPECIAL REPORT
The Amazing Murals of the Miller Brewery