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"We Are Certifiable"
(Or My 1st Experience with a Bottle Release)

Those are the first words I spoke when I arrived at Weyerbacher Brewery
on Sunday February 14th for the release of Sunday Morning Stout (or
SMS for those of us in the know) . I had become a fan the prior year

when I was able to try it on tap but was unable to procure any bottles.
Now there are many people who say w
e beer geeks,nerds or snobs are
certifiable to stand on a line that can wrap around a building and a
sidewalk for hours just to get beer especially when it is 7 degrees out.
But then again they probably drink Coors Light.
Anyway I got on line. I had heard many stories about people bringing
spouses,paying neighbors etc . to be able to obtain more than the allotted
share per person. While I didn’t witness this myself I am sure it occurred
as I was one of the last people to get a case . After an hour wait outside
and about another half inside. What I did experience outside was a sense
of camaraderie. Maybe because of the sub zero temperatures. One girl
started handing out cans of beer from another brewery to her friends
and had one left over which she immediately gave to me and the couple
I was standing with to share. I never would have thought to bring beer
to a bottle release. Is this a thing? I must mention the girl in that couple
told me she basically threw a 4 year old like tantrum about coming and
standing on line but beer won out , as it always does.

Moving on to the experience inside. I came prepared to buy a couple of
4 packs as financial and space concerns precluded me getting a case.
Again I am a novice and did not know you could only buy a case. A big
thanks to the 3 guys in front of me who bought half of it off me. On
I began to feel my face, hands and toes again I thoroughly enjoyed
getting to try SMS fresh on tap as well as the variants.

In conclusion it was a great experience . One thing they had because it
was PA was a food truck. Please NJ legislato
rs get that bill passed that
will allow this in NJ. It makes sense. Would I do it again- absolutely,
although I would need it to be about 60 degrees warmer.

Cheers everyone and keep drinking good beer.