Guess What Day It Is??


YOU -- Okay I’ll bite its Friday March 1st

The Big G --  Ah well yes that’s the calendar date, but what day is it?

YOU --  Oh you mean something like Groundhog Day, which was actually about 4
weeks ago and the Super bowl was the next day so that’s not it. I’ll cheat and look it
up; right, it’s National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day.

The Big G --  Well that’s interesting and yes the vast majority of us love peanut
butter, but in case you’re not remembering this is usually an article related to beer.

YOU --  Beer, of course, well I guess that leaves out National Horse Protection Day;
or National Minnesota Day as there are a lot of good breweries there but that can’t
be it; or National Pig Day and I could be “piggish” on my beers but that doesn’t sound
appetizing; or National Fruit Compote Day, unless you’re going to tell me someone
decided to put that in a beer, please don’t tell me that; but ah-ha it is National
Dadgum That’s Good Day, so you’re going to give me a great beer to taste, right!

The Big G --  Well Dadgum that’s a great idea but no.

YOU --  Okay it’s the 9th Friday Happy Hour of the Year.

The Big G --  Well yes that’s correct but obviously if you’d seen the announcement
on February 19th, you would be all psyched up and ready for March 1st.

YOU --  What announcement; a new release? We already had the seasonal Hopslam
release and the Kane Tap Takeover at the Leaf and both were pretty exciting!

The Big G --  As they say in the old game shows, I’m just going to “flip all the cards”
as you don’t have a clue. It seems our friends at Anheuser-Busch, in collaboration
with a few others, made a documentary film called “Beers of Joy” which will “invite
viewers to embark on a journey into the wonderful world of beer” (little did Disney
know how many kids watching their wonderful world on Sunday nights would be
moving on to the wonderful world of libations) and its worldwide debut is today March

YOU --  Wait, who made a movie about beer??

The Big G --  No it’s actually billed as a documentary, so this must be the real stuff. I
don’t want to misconstrue any of their carefully chosen words so here’s their
description; “the film examines the rich history, detailed science and unique
personalities of the beer world, and encourages viewers to consider the stories
behind their favorite pints. Beer lovers everywhere are invited to celebrate the film
when it makes its theatrical debut at select theater locations across the country as
well as on-demand…”

YOU --  A documentary with no Clydesdales or celebrities telling us how great Crud
or Crud Light is?

The Big G --  Let’s not be cynical now. Here’s more of the description to elucidate
further; “From medieval monasteries to historic German villages and all the breweries
in between, “Beers of Joy” follows the fascinating journey of four distinctly different
characters and how they ultimately converge over a shared enjoyment of the beloved
brew.” Still not intrigued?

YOU --  So it’s a fairy tale…well besides needing a beer after hearing this I’m
reminded of the words John McEnroe screamed at the umpire in an early Wimbledon
match decades ago “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!”

The Big G --  Well unfortunately they didn’t invite any of the BeerNexus team to the
preview so I can’t really comment on the reality or myth of the content, but since
we’re becoming such a media driven world maybe ABI is just trying to be trendy
where the craft beers can’t. Craft brewers are happy to be interviewed about their
history and how they got into brewing and how much they love craft beer and the
craft beer community, but ain’t none of ‘em making a documentary for theater. I’m
actually a little surprised ABI didn’t release it last year so it could be included in the
Best Documentary Oscar category, although they probably thought it’s only their first
so would wait for “Beers of Joy 2”.

YOU --  And so who are these four unique personalities. I’m thinking you don’t need
to go much further than the Busch family that ran AB and eventually lost it…those
were some, for lack of a better word, interesting dudes.

The Big G --  No no this is not a story about the Busch family and how they built
Crudweiser. Don’t forget InBev owns Crud and they’re not really interested in
promoting the Busch family, just the beer. So let’s see the four personalities are:
•  Tonya Cornett, the innovative brew master at 10 Barrel Brewing. Ah yes that would
be an ABI employee as they were bought out in November 2014. But hey she has
been around beer for decades and has made a name for herself, so let’s check her
out. She’s known for her award winning kettle sours, which are Berliner weisses
infused with local fruits, and I’m not sure she’s a big fan of IPAs. She does have
another major qualification, she was prominently featured in the film, “The Love of
Beer,” never heard of it, wonder if Redbox has it. Okay well so following her around in
the documentary will be, ah interesting, I guess.

•  Ryan Daley…listed as a beer educator. Well actually he works for The High
End/ABI. Now he is one of sixteen individuals who have achieved the Level Four:
Master Cicerone, so he knows his beer. For educational and informational purposes,
a cicerone is to beer what a sommelier is to wine. A cicerone is a connoisseur of
beer, someone who has studied beer with passion and dedication to pass rigorous
exams that test all aspects of knowledge about the subject. (Personally I’d rather just
spend my time drinking the beers I like rather than taking a test, but hey to each his
own.) I have heard of the cicerone designation before but did not realize there were
four levels. So if Ryan’s job is to teach us how good the AB craft beers are what will
he be doing in this movie??

•   Joe Vogelbacher, CEO and co-founder of Sugar Creek Brewing, opened in 2014
in Charlotte NC. And whoa ABI doesn’t own them, but maybe they’re very interested.
Sugar Creek specializes in Trappist beers, which might be something ABI would like
to add to their portfolio. So back to Joe he is not a struggling brewer spending all of
his time in brewery. He’s a Level Three: Advanced Cicerone, and he’s one of only 43,
so he also knows beer. And he recently took the test for Level Four: Master Cicerone.

•   And Sean Paxton, a self-taught chef and accomplished home brewer and beer
writer (although he’s never been featured on BeerNexus…). As I understand it his
focus in this film will be to trace the roots of culinary and brewing techniques and how
they inspire modern day appreciation and pairings.

So I’m thinking you’re are now thoroughly interested but you probably won’t make
today’s premiere but hey there’s always tomorrow.

YOU – Well as enticing as it sounds, I’d rather be doing some tasting than listening to
others so I’m definitely not putting it on my Bucket List.

The Big G – And to be perfectly honest I’m not running out to see it either. But as an
interesting aside I did catch one of AB’s latest ads for their Reserve Copper Lager
that ran during the Oscars. It features Charlize Theron so it catches your attention
and you continue to watch. So the bartender pours her a Reserve Copper Lager in a
Reserve Copper Lager glass and before she takes her first swallow hears a yell at
the pool table. So she carries her beer over and clears the pool table while holding
her beer, then beats them at darts, then scores highest on the punching bag
machine and then beats a guy in arm wrestling; all w/o spilling a drop. Then we see
her sitting back at the bar ready to take her first swallow and here we go again, the
yell at the pool table. Reminds me of my early computer programming days; what we
called a do-loop, over and over and well you get it. But what I took from that
commercial was how smart she is. She got paid to do this commercial and she never
drank a drop of the beer; now that’s the way to earn some easy money.

YOU -- Charlize Theron! Now that I’ll watch, while drinking a craft beer from my fridge!

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