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U.S.  Booze Spending
Out of every $100 American consumers
spend, about $1 goes to alcohol. That
hasn't changed much over the past 30
years. But where we spend our money on
alcohol has changed quite a bit.

We spend a bigger chunk of our booze
money in bars and restaurants. We spend
less money buying alcohol at the store to
drink at home. That doesn't necessarily
mean we go out more often. Adjusted for
inflation, the price of alcohol we buy at the
store has gone down. The price of alcohol
at bars has gone way up.

Over time, you expect productivity gains
and falling prices but a bartender today
can't make drinks any faster than a
bartender 30 years ago so when a sector
lags in productivity growth, it tends to
have increasing prices
A new study reveals that 42%of the age 21+ American
adult population have enjoyed a beer in June, 2012.
More specifically, 5% of all adults have had a micro
or craft beer in the same time frame.

More than half (53%) of craft beer drinkers purchased
beer at a grocery store in the past 30 days. Other places
of purchase were sit-down restaurants (45%),
nightclubs or bars (38%),  and liquor stores (37%).

In terms of demographics, 25% of craft beer drinkers
are between 30 and 39 years old and are likely to be
employed full-time. They are 54% more likely than all
U.S.adults  to hold white collar employment.  Half of all
craft beer drinkers have a college degree and they are
50%  more likely than other adult Internet users to have
visited YouTube in the past 30 days

The top 5 US cities in which drinkers had a micro beer
in the last month are:  Denver, CO 14%, Portland, OR,
13%, Seattle, WA 11%,Colorado Springs, CO 9%
and Milwaukee, WI 9%.  
Beer Diet -  Beer may contain a vitamin which can fight obesity and improve
muscle strength, scientists claim. The “miracle molecule’” has no side effects and
could even lengthen lifespan. The snag is that the molecule, called nicotinamide
riboside (NR), is extremely small, difficult to find and expensive to synthesise. ".

You Clown-  Denver Beer Co is brewing a beer called Clown Question, Bro, to
honor Washington Nationals baseball player Bryce Harper who answer a particularly
stupid reporter's question with the now famous "that's a clown question, Bro".

Beard Beer -  Nine beard follicles were cut from the beard of Rogue
Brewmaster John Maier and placed in a petri dish The beard samples  produced a
yeast strain that was perfect for use in brewing.”  The Beard Beer, will be called
“New Crustacean,” production is scheduled for 2013

They Love Beer-  Government statistics, beer shows that beer is the most
preferred drink in Delhi, India's capital. Consumption increased to 23,38,488
cases as if June 8, 2012 as compared to 22,96,238 cases last year.  

Beer, Hockey, & Hoops

The Stanley Cup can hold the equivalent
of 14 twelve-ounce beers.

It would cost $43 to fill The Cup at the Pepsi Center,
home of the Colorado Avalanche which has the lowest
beer prices in the National Hockey League.

It would cost $104 to fill The Cup at Centre Bell,
home of the Montreal Canadians who have the highest prices.

The average price for three beers at
an NHL hockey game is $20.42.
At 43 cents per ounce, it would cost
$31 for a six-pack at the game!

More than 39 million 12 oz beers are sold at
NHL arenas each season, grossing $285 million dollars!

National Basketball Association fans consume more than
5 million servings of beer during all of the season

Miami Heat fans will pay the least 33 cents per ounce of beer
(or $8 for a 24 oz cup).  Boston Celtics fans are punished
with the highest  prices – paying 45 cents per ounce
(or $7.25 for 16 ounces.) The national average for
arena beer prices is about 38 cents per ounce,

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