Did You Really Have Pliny The Elder?
But Why No Six Pack?
A provision in a new Pennsylvania law will
allow breweries to sell individual bottles of
beer, which will allow customers to be
more experimental. The  law eliminates the
requirement that sales of individual beer
bottles be in quantities of at least 64
ounces. Now a licensed brewery can sell
any quantity of its beer in any package or
any volume for off-premises consumption
allowing consumers can just have a beer or
two in their home instead of committing to
a whole case. Yes, we said a whole case.  
In PA it is illegal to sell a six pack of beer.  
It's a case or, now, a single bottle.

The law also specifies that licensed sellers
may host happy hours — up to four hours
a day and 14 hours a week and that they
cannot use loudspeakers to play music,
entertainment or advertisements beyond
their property line.
As a fraudster is indicted for a $1.3million hoax
counterfeiting rare wines and selling the bottles, attention
has fallen to the consumer-trusted wine experts who
were so easily fooled as their often snobby credibility is
tattered.  The world's most respected taste buds bought,
sold and wrote about Rudy Kurniawan's wine collection,
many of which turned out to be re-marked fakes from
Napa Valley. Last year Mr Kurniawan's sought-after
wines brought him more than $35 million in income.

A search of Kurniawan's home found thousands of
photocopied wine labels for top vintages, hundreds of
old and new corks, and an automatic device for inserting
them. Most notably, there were bottles of cheap Napa
Valley wine labelled with names of the vintage Bordeaux
wines they were intended to impersonate, and there were
other bottles soaking in the kitchen sink, their labels
about to be removed. With so many experts duped, one
could argue that expensive, vintage bottles may have a
taste nearer to that of cheaper wines than the world has
long lead to be believed.  
Poured, not Shaken -  the people behind Daniel Craig's next James Bond flick
"Skyfall" closed a reported $45 million deal with Heineken -- forcing the iconic
character to drink beer in the movie, instead of a vodka martini ... Bond's famous
drink of choice that was always "shaken, not stirred".

Punch This-  Miller Lite and MGD Punch Top Cans and Grip Cans will be
available shortly after Memorial Day. Punch Top Cans increase airflow, resulting in a
smoother pour. The cans will be rolling out by Memorial Day. The new Grip Cans use
tactile ink technology to create a “grip” around the can designed for easier holding.
The first grip cans will feature branding for Mexican soccer team Chivas de
Guadalajara and, in the fall, the Miller Lite grip can will feature NFL teams.

Remember the Alamo -  Texas, the second-largest U.S. drinks market
despite more than 20 dry counties within its borders, continues to liberalize its
liquor sales laws as voters there 13 ballot initiatives to allow and/or extend
alcohol sales in 11 previously dry or damp Texas cities. The vote represented a
100% passage rate for alcohol initiatives on the ballot.

Beer Here- The most popular places to buy beer in the USA outside of bars,
restaurants and stadiums include: Convenience Stores (32%), Liquor / Beer
Stores (20%), and Supermarkets (8%

Lessons on Drinking
Beer in Cozumel, Mexico
by Brian Lynch

Here's what I learned on my recent vacation-

1-The word "Superior" on the label does not necessarily mean
that the beer itself is a superior beer.

2-If a typical American beer festival was moved to an all-inclusive
Mexican resort, it would be about the same except that the only beer
available would be Dos Equis draft and you could wear a bathing suit.

3-Fresh Coconiut milk does not taste as good as Dos Equis draft.

4-Wearing a Sierra/Nevada Hoptimum hat in Cozumel is no guarantee
that the beer will become available.

5-Sometimes, after 12-14 Dos Equiis, it is not a bad thing to have a
Johnnie Walker Red or Early Times Bourbon, especially when you are
reading the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

6-If you should happen to stop at the Hog Town Cafe at 9:30 A.M. on
a hot day, try the Sol Dark draft for $1 first, the regular
Sol draft is meh.

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