Boston in Pennsylvania?
Patience and a Pint
Olympic organisers have some travel
advice for the millions of people who work
and live in London: Be patient. Have a beer.
Work from home. Spend time in your local.

Rejecting suggestions of possible transport
chaos during the July 27-August 12
games, officials have begun a 8.8
million-pound campaign  to persuade city
residents to change their travel patterns to
ease the strain on public transport.

London transport officials have tried to
downplay concerns about whether the
city's aging transportation system can
handle the extra traffic from tourists,
spectators and others expected to use the
network.  Officials say train journeys are
faster and note that many more trains will
run and that some will even have air
conditioning during the games.
Yes, it's true. Boston Beer makes most of its bee in the
Lehigh Valley, PA.  The Boston-based maker of Samuel
Adams produces two-thirds of all its beer — or roughly
5,000 barrels per day — at its facility in the Breinigsville
section of Upper Macungie Township.  Now the
company is investing millions of dollars to expand.

So far, Boston Beer has spent tens of millions of dollars
upgrading the former Schaefer Brewery, a 850,000-
square-foot red-brick structure, which they paid $55
million for from Diageo PLC, a British company that had
produced Smirnoff Ice at the site since 2001.  

Boston Beer also owns breweries in Boston and

Boston Beer has been battling for the title of largest
American beer-maker with Pottsville (PA) based
Yuengling. Yuengling sold 2.5 million barrels of beer in
2011, up 17 percent from the previous year, Boston Beer
sold 2.4 million barrels in 2011
Marathon Beer -  An Irish ultra runner said drinking beer helped him
become the only man on the planet to run seven marathons on seven
continents in less than five days. Richard Donovan completing his final run in
Sydney to make a total time of four days, 22 hours and three minutes. The 45-
year-old admitted the events took a toll on his body and that consumption of
beer was the only thing that kept him going.

Booze Up-  Spirits took market share from beer brewers last year. Distillers
also brought in new drinkers by putting a creative spin on classics with
introductions such as flavored bourbon. Total liquor sales accelerated nearly 3%.

West Meets East -  The nation’s second largest privately held craft brewer
is expanding to the east coast. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company announced
they will open a new brewing facility in Mills River, North Carolina. The company
distributes to all 50 states and expanding to the East Coast will reduce cross-
country shipping costs while also  expanding brewing capacity.

The Weather Factor -A steady slide in beer consumption in Germany has
been  stopped thanks to a warmer winter.  Consumption saw a 2% growth u
from last season's 1.5% slide.  Just wait for summer!

You Were What?

So a rocket scientist, a farmer and a newspaper man walk into a bar.
And they brewed all the beer on tap. That's no joke.
It's an indication of how many of Colorado's craft brewers
are making beer as a second career.

Many Coloradans know Governor John Hickenlooper's personal story:
geologist turned brewer turned politician. Fewer know that in
Colorado's burgeoning craft beer industry (130 breweries and
counting) there a barrel of similar stories of people who have turned
their passion into their profession.

The rocket scientist now brews and pours at Denver Beer Company, a
local brewery that has pumped out an impressive 60 different brews in
its first six months in business.  Brian Dunn of Great Divide Brewing
Company in Denver's LoDo neighborhood is an elder statesman of
sorts, having made the leap into craft beer in 1994. He'd travelled the
world after graduating from college with a degree in soil science. .
Eighteen years later, Great Divide has 39 employees and plans
to produce 26,000 barrels of beer in 2012 .

Another case is Tim Myers who lost his job with the closure of the
Rocky Mountain News. With the death of the paper, his IT job ended
along with that of coworker and fellow homebrewer, John Fletcher.
They partnered to open Strange Brewing Company in Denver.  
Strange Brewing will turn two years old this May. They've poured their
profits into new, larger brewing equipment as the demand for their
beers has outpaced capacity.

So the moral of the story is if you a thinking of a second career why
not try beer?  And it's our guess you don't have to move to
Colorado to give it a try!

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